The director of “My Policeman” admires Harry Styles and says that their first meeting was inspiring


The pop star and actor impressed the director of “My Policeman”.

Although Harry Styles is one of the most famous musicians in the world, he has also made a name for himself as an actor. Only in the film schedule for 2022, he starred in two films, one of which is “My Policeman” from Amazon, which has just been released. In the film, the singer “Adore You” plays a gay policeman in the 1950s, when it was illegal to identify as gay. His character Tom is complex, and the director admired the way Stiles handled the role, and even said that he was inspired by their first meeting.

Michael Grandage, the director of “My Cop,” said he was surprised when Stiles’ agent called him and said he was interested in the role. He said he hadn’t even considered a pop star for the film, he told Deadline:

On this occasion, Harry’s team said that we gave him this script because he is looking for another film, he responded very much to the material.

He then went on to discuss how impressed he was with Stiles, who has appeared in only a few films, including “Don’t Worry, Darling” and “Dunkirk,” exclaiming:

It was a very inspiring meeting for me. You probably know, but most of the time the director is in the room trying to convince the actor to act in the film. So it was really interesting to be in a room with someone who had read the novel at least once, I can say, read the script several times and talked sensibly about what they wanted to bring to the role of Tom.

The director elaborated on Styles’ character Tom, saying that the singer was attracted to the role because he had to play a complex character “who couldn’t really express his emotions.” Grandage went on to say that the Dunkirk star was “intrigued” by playing “an inner life, not an outer life.” He also explained that because the character is so careful, the reason Marion and Patrick fall in love with him is because of his “beautiful and charismatic” appearance, noting that Styles immediately realized this.

The director is not the only one who admires Stiles’ acting and work ethic. His co-star David Dawson said filming intimate scenes with the pop star was “special.” The actor said he hoped that when they filmed these parts, his stage partner would be sociable and “devoid of selfishness.” Then Dawson said: “I got all this and more from Harry.” Along with his co-star and director, the former One Direction member’s performance was also highly praised by critics and ordinary viewers.

Along with Styles, the performances of the rest of the ensemble, including Dawson, Emma Corrin and Rupert Everett, were also highly appreciated.


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