The Director of “Halloween ends” Talks About The Cancellation of The Connection With The Season of Witches


The horror genre is based on a long-running franchise, and many of the best horror films have recently returned to theaters in the form of new sequels. The main one is “Halloween”, directed by David Gordon Green took up the creation of a trilogy after the record success of the 2018 film. His triquel “The End of Halloween” was recently released, and the director revealed the connection with the “Season of Witches”.

Although a lot of Halloween movies have been made over the years, the third movie, Halloween 3: Season of the Witches, stands out because it doesn’t actually feature the villain Michael Myers. This is a sore spot for many ardent fans of the franchise, and it turns out that “Halloween Ends” could be an addition to this controversial sequel. As David Gordon Green recently shared with TV Line,

There was a finale that I wrote that we never filmed, and it takes place at the Silver Shamrock factory when he spits out witch, skeleton and pumpkin lantern masks… and then he started spitting out Michael Myers masks, but in the end In the end, I thought it was just a fan service for people. who know what Silver Shamrock is.

Well, that’s it. “The End of Halloween” is one of the most controversial parts of the whole slasher, especially compared to the two previous films by David Gordon Green. And one can only imagine how violently moviegoers would react if this tie-in to the “Season of Witches” was really filmed and included in the triquel. Although in the end the director refused it.

David Gordon Green’s comments to TV Line are based on a broader conversation about the end of Halloween, including a negative reaction from generations of fans. While the director supports his recent release and the way he told completely different stories in all three Halloween movies, it turns out that Ends almost had a connection to another controversial entry in the property. Although this cut scene could have raised more questions.

When Halloween 2018 got the green light, it turned out that David Gordon Green and writer Danny McBride planned to make it a direct sequel to John Carpenter’s 1978 original. As a result, other timelines were completely ignored, and Laurie and Michael were no longer siblings. So maybe it would be strange if Ends unexpectedly showed a draw in Halloween III. Perhaps he made the right decision by rejecting this Easter egg even before the start of filming.

Despite the fact that Halloween Ends has nothing to do with The Season of Witches, David Gordon Green’s slasher has made some bold turns in the narrative. This includes a focus on the new character Corey Cunningham and the omission of Michael Myers in the first 40 minutes of the film. And reasonable money says that many more people will watch this new release, which goes to cinemas and is broadcast from people’s homes.

“The End of Halloween” has already been released in theaters and is being broadcast on Peacock. In the meantime, check out the movie’s release dates in 2022 to plan your next movie.


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