The Director of “God of War Ragnarök” Wants to Work on “Castlevania”


Eric Williams, director of God of War Ragnarök, announced his desire to work on the legendary Castlevania franchise — provided that Konami agrees to outsource the license.

Williams’ comments were made during the latest Kinda Funny Games Spoiler cast video (via VGC), where he asked fans to help “make this possible.”

“You guys can do it,” Williams said. “You have an audience here. I do not know what I will do next, but if someone gives me a Castlevania license, we will be happy to do it.”

It’s hard to guess how likely it is that Konami will play here, or how serious Williams is about it. Konami has a recent history of outsourcing its most popular games to third-party developers. After all, there are several upcoming games in the Silent Hill franchise, which is also owned by Konami. All of these games were outsourced to third—party developers – perhaps the most notable of them is the remake of Silent Hill 2, being developed by the Bloober Team, the developer of The Medium.

On the other hand, nothing has been happening on the Castlevania front for quite some time — as is the case with many of Konami’s most popular licenses. We haven’t seen a new Castlevania game for almost a decade, and the last major installment, Lords of Shadow 2, was released in 2014. Although it is worth noting that Lords of Shadow 2 itself was outsourced to the Spanish developer MercurySteam, who is now better known as the developer of Metroid Dread.

Even if Konami plays along with Williams’ wishes, the developers of God of War Ragnarok Sony Santa Monica may not even have enough time to work on the franchise. As studio creative director Corey Barlog told the Los Angeles Times earlier this month, Sony Santa Monica is currently “scattered across a lot of different things,” which implies the studio is busy with multiple projects.

In the same interview, Williams said that he is ready to work on the God of War franchise on an ongoing basis, so it may be better to limit expectations that Sony Santa Monica will work on the Castlevania game in the near future.

“I remember talking to someone from another gaming company where they were trying to get me to leave,” Williams said. “They said: “Do you just want to be known as the god of war for the rest of your life?” Was that your big move to talk me out of it? Because yes, sort of.

As for other gaming news, Microsoft has announced that it has offered Sony a 10-year contract to keep Call Of Duty on PlayStation.


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