The director of Disney+ “Hulk Woman” breaks the silence of “Daredevil” and answers why Jennifer Walters is not as bulky as Bruce’s Hulk


August 2022 will be the first for the MCU, as the studio’s first official comedy series will raise its magnificent green head in the form of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law. The Marvel comics heroine will soon approach the bench for Disney+ subscribers, and this will mark the episodic debut in the MCU of Matt Murdoch Charlie Cox, whose Daredevil became an Official MCU thanks to the secret cameo “Spider-Man: There is no way home.” Fans still don’t know much about how exactly a blind lawyer without fear will affect the story of Jennifer Walters, and this is just one of many questions that have yet to be answered by the appearance of the Hulk Woman on the small screen, which is now happening. on Thursday, August 18, a day later than the previously announced debut.

What to expect from a Daredevil in the movie “Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney”

Given that this is a Marvel series, explicit plot details cannot be obtained before release, but the director of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Kat Coiro, offered an idea of what impact the arrival of Daredevil would have. Extremely excited about the opportunity to finally refer to the confirmed arrival of the vigilante, Coiro told EW:

They are not inferior to each other in wit, that’s what I can say. I’m definitely excited about Daredevil, because I think he’s going to be a crowd favorite. But I can’t tell you any more about it. The Marvel police exist, and I don’t want them to arrest me.

While I believe Daredevil would be a crowd favorite if he appeared in just a couple of scenes in one episode, I want to be optimistic that Kat Coiro is talking about Matt Murdoch playing a more significant role in this storyline. She directed six of the nine episodes. Considering how serious the events will undoubtedly become for the character of “Echo”, and then again for the separate series “Daredevil: Born Again”, I 100% hope that the hero who suffered from the trauma will get rid of the darkness and show off his comedic side for as long as possible. (Of course, everything will probably be fresh enough when he appears in Spider-Man: The Year of the Freshman, but this is animation.)

Which obviously doesn’t mean that I think Charlie Cox should outshine Tatiana Maslany’s Female Hulk in her own show. Of course, I’m perfectly happy to see her wiping the courtroom floor with it, and then tap-dancing on his hunched body. So far he’s having a good time during some of them.

Why is the Hulk Woman Not as Muscular as Bruce Banner’s Hulk

The earliest footage from the Hulk Woman trailer caused some confused anger from Marvel fans due to the unfinished computer graphics, but since this problem was solved in that time, fans expressed another unusual concern about the fact that Jennifer Walters’ muscles in the role of the Hulk Woman are much smaller. pronounced and excessive than Bruce Banner’s Hulk. Which is understandable in a way, since this show wouldn’t have worked nearly as well if Jennifer had gained weight the same way Mark Ruffalo’s Avenger did. How uncomfortable an elevator ride would be.

In any case, Kat Coiro brought up this issue in the midst of a conversation about how the character was developed in the series, which will focus in part on how Jennifer’s romantic life and dating work if she is a six-foot-seven green woman from New York. City. That’s how she explained it:

The Hulk doesn’t have human proportions. It’s not on a human scale. He’s a monster in that sense. And it was very important for us that she still acted on a human scale. It was never about “Make her smaller,” it was about “How she can fit into this world, work in an office, go to a restaurant, walk down the street and still attract attention, but at the same time stay within the sphere of being.” man?” We honestly talked about strength more than aesthetics. We studied musculature and studied female athletes who were incredibly strong. We really leaned more towards the Olympians than the bodybuilders. That’s where many references to our body, very strong Olympic athletes, came from. So she doesn’t have the physique of a bodybuilder, but she absolutely has a very strong physique that can justify the actions she performs in the series.

I think it’s great that there is such a well-thought-out answer to a question that is clearly ridiculous outside of its specific context. As cool as it is to see Bruce Banner transform into a behemoth destroying clothes, I can’t wait to see how the Hulk Woman plays with this idea on a scale that is much closer to reality.

“The Hulk Woman: Sworn Attorney” debuts on Disney+ on Thursday, August 18, with nine episodes for fans without any legal consequences. (Hopefully.) Check out all of Marvel TV’s other upcoming projects and head over to our 2022 TV premiere schedule to find out what else is coming in prime time and beyond for the rest of the year.


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