The Difference in Bears TE Names with Justin Filtz This Year


Entering his second year in the NFL, Bears quarterback Justin Fields enters his first full offseason with a different mindset.

Without the veteran QB in front of him, Chicago hands Fields the keys. And, according to one of his teammates, he demonstrates leadership qualities that he may not have had as a rookie.

“You just feel him in the crowd,” tight end Cole Kmet told ESPN’s Courtney Cronin. “He’s not just repeating the play, he’s telling you the play, and that’s the difference. It gives me confidence as a player on the pitch. He talks to every guy. This is not just a replay of the performance, it tells us the performance, what is the difference.”

Such a team can lay the groundwork for a big leap of the second year of study from Fields.

As a rookie, the Ohio State product showed flashes of what caused the Bears to bargain to pick him at number 11 in the draft.

However, like many rookies, Fields had difficulty growing up as he adjusted to life in the NFL. Of course, the obvious discrepancy between the Bears’ coaching staff, the front office and the team did not help either.

But, if Justin Fields can turn into the real field general the franchise desperately needs, the future of the city of Chicago could be bright.