The device promises to replace all home controls


SmartEgg Pro is a universal remote control compatible with more than 300 thousand devices, according to the manufacturer. The accessory, which hit the Kickstarter crowdfunding goal, works by means of infrared signal, in addition to Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, working in 360 degrees to control compatible devices.

Adjustments can be made using a mobile app, allowing you to unify the control of your TV, sound system, air conditioning or even home appliances connected by the same interface. The SmartEgg Pro has a starting price of US $ 59, something around R $ 320 in the current quote, and its shipping is free to Brazil. Deliveries, in turn, are scheduled for December 2020.

In addition to in-app interactions to control other devices through SmartEgg Pro, the user also finds support for voice commands. Designed for use in connected homes, the accessory works with Amazon’s Alexa assistants and Google Assistant.

Users can also automate tasks via macros, that is, configuring chains of commands repeated more frequently. That way, it is possible to turn on the TV and switch to a certain channel with a preset volume with just one touch on the app interface.

Macros work with more than one device at the same time. A “leave home” setting, for example, allows you to turn off all devices at once, while “football” can work to turn on TV and stereo at the same time.

SmartEgg Pro also allows automated tasks at certain times and can be programmed to trigger commands when it detects your presence. For those who have an intelligent air conditioning system, for example, the app can even offer real-time information about the temperature of the environment, allowing for remote adjustments.


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