The developers of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origins talk about character customization requests, future history and DLC plans


Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is a game with an ambiguous reputation among Square Enix fans. “The Last fantasy”. and the story itself still causes some dark reactions by the end, Jack himself was perceived by fans as one of the most unique main characters of the Final Fantasy franchise, and the story itself still causes some dark reactions by the end.

This ambiguous reception did not interfere with plans for the future, as the ADDITION “Stranger from Paradise”. The first expansion set is known as the “Trials of the Dragon King”, which takes place after the main plot of the game. Players will have to complete a number of completely new missions, as well as a storyline involving the titled Dragon King Bahamut. The game also includes a set of new professions, classes and types of weapons, such as staffs. “Destructoid”, “Stranger from Paradise”, “.

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“The Wanderer from Paradise”, “, “. There were reviews from fans who asked to add more “elements of the Latest Fantasy” and “content worthy of the test”. He notes that these two things are solved by the addition of the Warrior of Light, Bahamut and Gilgamesh in the supplement, which, as he notes, caused a positive reaction.

The biggest element he sees from fans wanting to be included in Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin was character customization. He notes that fans gravitate towards certain character builds, which are used much more often than other professions in the game. Inoue states that he is working with the Ninja team’s development team to solve these problems. He also states that the ninja team itself has received the same requests and wants to add more elements of ultimate fantasy and role-playing games to the gameplay.

As for the history of Final Fantasy Origin and the direction in which the DLC will develop, Inoue notes that too dramatic and abrupt plot changes in the game have been criticized. He claims that those who played the second half really appreciated Jack’s journey, and some wanted to play the original FF again. As for the other SOHO, he will take a more extensive narrative direction, which, according to him, will be similar to the foundation laid in the final fantasy of origin.

Stranger from Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is already available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S.


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