The developers of Dead by Daylight are working on a next-generation multiplayer game


Behavior Interactive, the developer of Dead by Daylight, seems to be working on a new multiplayer game for next-generation consoles. Behavior Interactive is currently hard at work continuing to support its asymmetric multiplayer online horror game Dead by Daylight. In parallel, he is working on other projects. The new data raises the question of whether Behavior Interactive is currently working on what could be a planned successor to Dead by Daylight.

To be clear, Behavior Interactive has not announced a new game. He is currently focusing on Dead by Daylight, as well as the previously announced but not yet released Meet Your Maker game. However, it is known that the behavior works on several projects at the same time. For example, in the same year when Dead by Daylight was released, the company released three more games. Also, there is a possibility that the Dead by Daylight team may move on to something else, although there is currently no indication of that.

Evidence of the new project is the recently published job ads for Behavior Interactive. Both projects relate to the “Undeclared Behavior” project, which is currently under development. My first job was as a console systems programmer at the Behavior office in Montreal. In this list, Behavior requests “extensive development experience” for both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. Experience in developing cross-platform multiplayer games is also required.

The second list of vacancies for an online system programmer gives an additional idea of what this new project can be. The description of this job list explicitly states that the unannounced project for which it is intended is the “next IP address” of Behavior. Other details confirmed in this job listing are that the game will include “inventory, achievements and scoreboard”. In addition, it will include in-game economics, player progress, real-time updates and transactions as part of the game as a service platform.

Needless to say, the upcoming Behavior project will be another attempt to repeat the success of Dead by Daylight. They’ve already tried it with Meet Your Maker, a base-building shooter, and they’ve already tried it with Deathgarden, an asymmetric FPS, but it never hurts to try again.

What kind of game will be in the new Behavior project is a complete mystery. The fact that it will be a multiplayer game with live service, with economy and competitive systems such as achievements and scoreboard, hints that Behavior will release another shooter. Fans of Dead by Daylight will probably be hoping for a new take on the horror game’s success, but only time will tell.


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