The Design of the New Mercedes C-Class


Spy shots of the new C-Class sedan and station wagon models, which are expected to be introduced soon, were shared. The photos show that the company has simplified and modernized the design.

With the launch of the new generation Mercedes C-Class approaching, the German automotive giant’s new sedan appears in camouflage. Apparently, Mercedes aims to come up with a simpler design with less details in the new generation.

When we look at the new C-Class from the front, we see that the headlights open to the sides of the vehicle with a design familiar from the CLS and S-Class. In addition, the front grille of the vehicle has grown slightly compared to the previous generation, but camouflage hides the edges of the grille.

When we look at the 2021 Mercedes C-Class from the rear, we can say that we have encountered a bigger change. The stops of the new C-Class stretch across the tailgate to make the vehicle look even wider.

The inside of the new C-Class is camouflaged just like the outside. Therefore, it is not possible to talk much about interior details. Nevertheless, it is possible to see that the vehicle will have a tablet-like infotainment screen on the center console and touch-like control buttons just below it.

Rumors suggest that the four-cylinder C53 and C63 models will come with more electrification. It is also stated that the new C-Class, which will also have a station wagon model, will rival the Audi A4 Allroad.


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