The deleted scene of “Knight of One Moon”, in which Oscar Isaac regrets, was cut


Oscar Isaac says that one scene he regrets was cut from the 6th episode of “Moon Knight“. Released on Disney+ earlier this year, “Moon Knight” follows Mark Spector, a mercenary with dissociative identity disorder who also serves as an avatar of the Egyptian moon god Honshu (F. Murray Abraham). The show became a hit with both the public and critics, with many praising Isaac’s strong performance and inventive and honest portrayal of his condition in the show. Although there was no official confirmation that Moon Knight would return in season 2, a mid-credits scene and the appearance of another Spector character, Jake Lockley, sparked rumors that the series might return.

Perhaps more so than in other MCU Disney+ shows, “Moon Knight” explores its protagonist in deep, sometimes dark ways. Towards the end of the show, it is revealed that Spector created his other identity, Stephen Grant, as a result of his brother’s traumatic death and abuse by his mother. As he comes to terms with the events of his past, the villain Arthur Harrow (Ethan Hawke) frees the Egyptian god Ammit (Saba Mubarak) from her grave, and a fight ensues. After locking Ammit in Harrow’s body, Spector and Grant eventually persuade Honsou to release them from service.

In a new Gold Derby interview on YouTube, Isaac explains that there is actually a deleted scene from the 6th episode of “Moon Knight”, which he regrets that it was cut. The scene in question would strengthen the bond between Spector’s mother and Ammit and allow viewers to feel the emotional subtext between these two elements of the story. Check out Isaac’s full comment below:

And in a way, we tried to push him even more. There was a great scene at the end of [Episode] 6 that just didn’t quite fit into his rhythm, and it was the kind of scene that, in my opinion, would bring the mother and Ammit a little closer, because that’s also the reason. I came up with this “Late Alligators” thing because then it says, “After a while, crocodile.” And so for me it’s like… she said: “Crocodile”. She was a crocodile goddess who said: “I wish I could judge you in advance, because you would never… this would never happen.” So it was very important for me, even if the audience does not understand literally, that there is even some kind of subtext emotional connection with everything that is happening.

Although the Moon Knight finale ultimately works well without the scene Isaac describes, it would be interesting to see the subtext connections between Ammit and Mark’s past brought to the fore. Interestingly, Isaac, who is also an executive producer of the series, says that it was his idea to include the phrase about “late alligators” in earlier episodes, suggesting that the actor has always sought to explore the connections between the seemingly disparate elements of the show and how they relate to his character’s journey. Unfortunately, as Isaac describes, the scene was cut because it would have disrupted the rhythm of the episode, but nevertheless, it’s an interesting behind-the-scenes look at what could have been.

It is not yet known whether the second season of “Moon Knight” will take place, but the show clearly leaves open the possibilities for the continuation of the story. Given Spector’s heavy backstory and the complexity of his character, Isaac’s comment certainly suggests there is more to Mark and Steven’s lives than could be explored in just six episodes. Although Ammit seems to have been defeated by Moon Knight in episode 6, it is possible that she may return, or another villain may be introduced in future potential seasons, allowing Isaac to more fully reveal Spector and the character’s complicated relationship with his mother.