The Deep & Imagine& Video — the best parody of the 3rd season of The Boys


Attention! There are spoilers ahead for the 3rd season of the 6th series of “Boys”.

The boys represent all the people who thought the 2020 viral video was a good idea, and mercilessly mock them in the greatest parody of season 3. As you undoubtedly know, 2020 was not a significant year in the history of mankind. As restrictions loomed and times got tough, a group of Hollywood celebrities banded together and recorded a painfully bad cover version of John Lennon’s “Imagine” to boost morale… or something like that. Videos with such famous names as Gal Gadot, Kristen Wiig, Will Ferrell, Mark Ruffalo and Natalie Portman have been widely criticized not only because of dubious performances, but also because of the patronizing attitude that celebrities can somehow make everything better.

Eric Kripke apparently watched this video rubbing his hands with joy, as the celebration of “Herogasm” in the third season of The Boys begins with a beautiful parody of the infamous video by Gadot et al. The sketch “Imagine” presented by The Deep boasts in-game cameos from Ashton Kutcher, Mila Kunis, Kumail Nanjiani, Rose Byrne, Elizabeth Banks and many others. Needless to say, the sketch is hilarious. The “Boys” fully achieve their goal with an unflappable pitch and begin “Hero-enthusiasm” with the most perfect satirical notes. The video of The Deep “Imagine” may be completely divorced from the main plot of The Boys, but in many ways it is the best parody of the season at the moment.

Whether The Boys are parodying The DCEU or seriously commenting on racism, they usually do so through an exaggerated superhero lens. A great example from season 3 is the Inclusive Kingdom of Brave Maeve with its “systematically oppressed tacos” and “BLM BLT”. The rainbow-covered Vought Theme Park is a completely excessive example of how large corporations use diversity as a marketing tactic without encouraging real diversity behind the scenes. The “Imagine” video from episode 6 stands out because the parody is exactly what happened in real life. Without a hint of exaggeration or exaggeration, The Boys recreate Athos 2020 with the same song, the same message and the same level of top-notch celebrities, and then metaphorically retreat after lighting the fuse. The sheer straightforwardness of the “Imagine” scene from The Boys elevates it above any other parody in season 3 – and this is no small feat.

Imagine 2.0 is also successful thanks to the people involved in it. It is no coincidence that Deep — super, known for his complete lack of self—awareness, acts as the instigator. The Boys say exactly what they think, without the need to say anything at all, and celebrities themselves play an equally important role in this, since “Imagine” The Boys attracts names as loud as the original. The Boys’ approach to celebrity cameos may be that “no matter who on Seth Rogen’s contact list bothered to answer,” but the fact that all the participants agreed to parody their fellow Hollywood celebrities makes the scene more than cute.

Over the past two years, reality has become much stranger than fiction. Due to the global pandemic, shocking riots in the Capitol on January 6, increasingly brazen examples of political corruption and a surge of neo-fascism (which The Boys also deal with), it has become extremely difficult to parody anything. Even in the entertainment industry, who could have predicted the purchase of Amazon MGM or “Spider-Man: No Way Home”? With the help of the joke “Imagine”, The Boys realize that the best parodies are sometimes real.

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