The decision of this character that will change his life completely


Cobra Kai is scheduled to appear on fan screens on Friday, December 31, when all ten episodes of season 4 appear on the Netflix streaming platform, telling a new story that will be largely focused on the upcoming tournament where the students each dojo will face each other again. (Spoilers for Cobra Kai season 4)

The All Valley Karate pre-tournament training will once again show the students of Miyagi-Do, Eagle Fang Karate and Cobra Kai in action, as they follow instructions from their respective senseis Daniel LaRusso, Johnny Lawrence and John Kreese, during preparation. for the most intense matches the Netflix show has ever had.

Cobra Kai fans know that the fourth installment of the series will not only be focused on the tournament. Viewers should expect to learn a little more about the lives of some of its main characters, as the drama plans to explore in depth what has been happening with them and especially in their family environment.

Fans will finally meet new characters including part of the Tory Nichols (Peyton List) family. The sentimental relationship between Johnny and Carmen is another focus of this season and according to actress Vanessa Rubio both characters will be taking important steps as a romantic couple.

However, the situation that worries the most is that of Robby, the character played by Tanner Buchanan since the first season of Cobra Kai. The co-creators of the series, during a question and answer session on twitter in late November revealed that he will have to suffer a lot due to his erratic actions. Now, this was confirmed by the Netflix series actor himself. recently caught up with Tanner Buchanan and discussed what fans can expect from his character in Cobra Kai season four when new episodes hit screens this weekend. His character will be going through difficult times that will make him think seriously. This is what Robby’s interpreter said in the drama:

“There’s a lot to this season. I think after season 3, you see he’s probably had a little bit of … He’s not the happiest with Daniel and Johnny. But this season, I feel like Robby is reaching that age and passing. for that life Experiences in which you have to make a decision about which path you will take in life and how that will affect you from now on. You have to make those big decisions. ”

“Ultimately, I feel like that answer comes when you’re at the end of episode 10. It’s one of those things where you have to say, ‘Will people be happy with that? That?’ And you really don’t know until people see it, so I guess we’ll find out. ”

Let’s remember that in Cobra Kai, Robby was Daniel’s student in Miyagi-Do for a time, but then he joined the Cobra Kai dojo when the sensei was Johnny. Now with John Kreese at the helm, it seems that the character Tanner Buchanan will not have it easy. Can he regret being on the wrong side of this story?

“I definitely had that in my character choices of saying, ‘Yeah,’ he has something to prove because he’s rejected Daniel and Johnny at this point,” Buchanan said. “I think we all go through adolescence and you want to be right so much that you have something to prove and you hope to be able and you hope you are right.”