The death of the Justice League unites the team beloved by fans again


Warning! Spoilers for Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 from DC Comics

The Death of the Justice League brings together former members of the Young Justice team as a group of heroes returns in a new preview for Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1. In a new preview of the upcoming DC Comics miniseries Momentum, Superboy, Robin and Wonder Girl reunite under tragic circumstances, teasing the reformation of a fan-loved team that may have to join forces again after the world has lost some of its greatest heroes. .

DC’s dark crisis is already here, as the death of the Justice League has forced the surviving heroes to struggle with how to proceed without their greatest champions. Wonder Woman, Batman, Superman and Aquaman were “killed” in the battle against Pariah and the Great Darkness, resulting in John Kent forming a new Justice League team to replace them. However, the fan-favorite superhero team is also returning after the tragedy, as the members of “Young Justice”, the iconic teenage superhero team in the DC universe, are back together in the new limited series “Dark Crisis: Young Justice”. The new comic offers a long-awaited reconciliation of young heroes.

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In the new preview of Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1, Megan Fitzmartin, Laura Braga and Luis Guerrero from DC Comics, Wonder Girl Cassie Sandsmark is among the heroes grieving at the funeral of the Justice League. After learning that she is all alone after the death of Wonder Woman, she sees her former team members Young Justice, Impulse, Superboy and Robin, and admits that they are in a similar position. Later, the former team awkwardly reunites, as Wonder Girl calls the meeting with her teammates “a meeting with old friends after a school change.”

However, after Arrowett takes Cassie aside, the Young Justice reunion ends just as it began, as Impulse, Superboy and Robin mysteriously disappear. As teases us, the heroes are no longer on their Land, as they will fall into the world of “their dreams”, which may be another trap, similar to the current situation of the Justice League, from the Pariah. Wonder Girl must find her former teammates.

While the circumstances that brought Wonder Girl, Superboy, Impulse, Arrowett and Robin together again are devastating, seeing the Young Justice team together again, even briefly, is a welcome sight. The Young Justice Super Team is one of the funniest collections of comic book heroes whose personalities blend incredibly well with each other. So even if the death of the Justice League brought them back into each other’s lives, it seems right to see them all together. Now Wonder Girl must find her former teammates and hopefully get a more permanent reunion of Young Justice. Dark Crisis: Young Justice #1 from DC Comics will appear in comic book stores on Tuesday.