The death of Kanye West’s mother prompted Arnold Schwarzenegger to make a move, as the governor of California signed the “Donda West Law” in 2009 to prevent further misfortunes.


Cosmetic surgeries are very common in show business. However, cosmetic surgery is not limited to the film industry. Millions of people do these surgeries every year to look more beautiful. Although they are well aware of how harmful these operations are to their health. Little do they know that these operations can be fatal. And the latest example of this is the law passed by the Governor of California, veteran actor Arnold Schwarzenegger, concerning these operations. Even more surprising is that this law is named after Donda West, the mother of singer and rapper Kanye West, because of the terrible incident that happened to her.

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Why was the law named after Kanye West’s mother?

The story goes back to 2009. It was a landmark year in California history when Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger passed the Donda West Act. According to MTV, the reason for naming the law was the tragic death of Professor and Kanye West’s mother. The law was created in response to the death of West’s mother, Dr. Donda West, who died in 2007 from complications after cosmetic surgery. She was 58 years old when she passed away.

According to reports, a preoperative medical examination would have revealed coronary artery disease, according to Dr. West’s family. She performed several cosmetic surgeries without a doctor’s approval. Hence it was clear that her ischemic disease and postoperative complications played a role in her demise. The law also requires mandatory written permission before the operation.

Going back to the law passed in 2009, the Donda West law, according to which anyone who applies for cosmetic surgery in the state must first undergo a mandatory medical examination, was approved by the governor in addition to a tough new law against paparazzi. One of the main supporters of the law was Yolanda Anderson, Dr. West’s niece.

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Since then, this law has helped save many lives and informed people about the health risks and side effects of cosmetic surgery.

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