The deadliest member of the Thanos family fights Magneto in a new battle for the power plant


Warning! Spoilers for X-Men Red #5 and AXE: Judgment Day from Marvel Comics below

The X-Men are about to battle Thanos’ terrifying great-uncle, Uranos the Immortal, as a new preview teases the battle between the unleashed villain and Magneto. In Marvel Comics’ new take on X-Men Red #5, the Eternals use their secret weapon against mutants when Uranos crash-lands, attracting Magneto’s attention. An illiterate preview shows that the two are ready for an epic battle.

The upcoming AXE: Judgment Day event from Marvel Comics will pit the Eternals against the X—Men and the Avengers, as the ancient space heroes learn that mutants are the product of excessive deviation, and want to destroy them – just like their mission from the Celestials. entails. However, the Eternals will take a rather dangerous step by releasing Thanos’ great-uncle, Uranos the Immortal, against the X-Men, who has spent hundreds of thousands of years in isolation due to his reckless genocidal actions. But Uranos may represent their best chance to stop the perceived threat of over-deflection.

In a new look at the AXE sidebar: Judgment Day, X-Men Red #5 Al Ewing, Stefano Caselli and Federico Blee from Marvel Comics, the X-Men gather around the face of the living planet Arakko. Araklo is already in a political turmoil because Magneto is killing Tarn, and that doesn’t make it any easier. The team is sent to earth by an energy explosion, and when the smoke clears, Thanos’ great-uncle Uranos the Immortal appears. Cable and Magneto stand in front of Arakko, protecting their fellow mutant from the powerful attack of the Eternals.

Uranos wasted no time in rushing into battle while Night Serpent, Xylo, Abigail Brand, Cable and Magneto watch Thanos’ great-uncle take up an intimidating position. However, Magneto is undeterred by the attack and immediately engages in battle with the terrifying Eternal as he hovers in the air and fights the monster threatening their mutant home on Mars. The battle proves that Uranos is not just hunting for Earth mutants, but also intends to travel across the galaxy to destroy the X-Men, who are considered Deviants in the eyes of the Eternals. Arakko is the obvious first attack of Uranos, given that there are 20 times more mutants living on the planet than on Krakoa. His invasion can become very deadly.

Given the considerable strength of both Uranos the Immortal and Magneto, the battle between the X-Men and the Eternal should be epic. Uranos has been in isolation for so long that it is not entirely clear whether he has all the same deadly forces that forced the Eternals to imprison him. But now that Thanos’ great-uncle is free and leading the destruction of mutants, Magneto and the X-Men are going to find out how strong Uranos really is. X-Men Red will appear in comic book stores in August.