The Day We Found Out That The Joker Plays RPG


Joker: Next time you’re playing online, be careful what you say to or do to your opponent. You never know if the person on the other side of the screen is an ordinary person or a big comic book villain.

After all, one of the most popular icons of pop culture today, The Joker has admitted to being a gamer. No, he hasn’t been in any comic book edit or movie scene or TV series. The revelation came in a recent mobile gaming advertisement.

In a video to promote Figure Fantasy, an idle mobile RPG, an actor suitably dressed up as the Gotham Crime Clown appears quite irritated about the fact that other players have stronger characters than his own. The ad appears to have started circulating earlier this month.

The video was shared on Twitter by Daniel Ahmad, senior analyst at Niko Partners. While the actors aren’t exactly Oscar-worthy, it’s fun to see the great Batman villain totally upset by other people getting better shots than him.

Bat beware, the Joker seems to have found a new opponent: an advantage coupon code with multiple characters and all sorts of items to help players eliminate bosses without too much difficulty. The advertisement claims that the idea is that no one needs to spend money to have fun.

A second ad was also shared on YouTube, featuring the DC Comics villain — now joined by Harlequin — arguing with a game team… and being somewhat of a noob. You can watch it, in English, below: