The day the Islamic State threatened to behead her


Mia Khalifa broke her silence during an interview and recalled the terrifying threats she received from the Islamic State.

Former porn star Mia Khalifa has opened up about the controversial hijab video that eventually made her a top chart on various adult sites and led to her receiving death threats from the Islamic State, also known as ISIS. .

In an interview with YouTube star Anthony Padilla, Khalifa opened up about how her infamous hijab scene came about and what happened on the day of filming. The TikTok personality revealed that when he went on set that day, he did not know what was the content of the video that they would be filming.

Khalifa explained that two producers talked to her while doing her hair and makeup and discussed the scene she was going to do. She said they asked her if she could speak Arabic and she said yes, which the producers loved.

“They asked me to wear a hijab,” explained the model, adding that she filmed the scene with another woman and a man. When Padilla asked how bad the reactions were after the video came out, Khalifa revealed that he had received death threats for him.

Mia Khalifa was threatened by the Islamic State

Her adult video also didn’t sit well with “ISIS sympathizers,” who she said hacked into her Instagram account, which at the time had just over 2 million followers, and deleted it.

In 2017, the former adult film actress revealed that through social networks she had received messages with intimidating images from members of the Islamic State, who wanted to cut off her head.

The actress reportedly offended fans of the Islamic State for her foray into adult cinema and her hijab video. Even in the past it also received numerous criticisms in the Middle East, where it is considered a “disgrace” for the nation.

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