The day Jungkook protected BangTan Sonyeondan


Jungkook has repeatedly shown that he is a great friend and staunch companion to BTS idols.

Jeon Jungkook is a person who is currently on cloud 9 and why? The amount of success that BTS has had in the last two years around the world is absolutely incredible and cannot be compared to anything else.

Jungkook and group BTS are the only boyband group in the world that has managed to hit the record of 1 billion views on YouTube multiple times and fans are certainly not surprised.

The youngest of the BTS team is a person who likes to support from the front and knows how to help his team members through both good times and hard times.

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ARMY knows how protective Kookie can be towards his fellow group members, even though he is the youngest in age, he has proven to be almost like a staunch brother to the rest of the idols.

So today we talk about three occasions when Jungkook was extremely protective of his team members and helped them.

The moments when Jungkook went out of his way to help BTS

When he became Jin’s personal bodyguard: the crowd went wild seeing BTS at an airport in Germany city and when the crowd was hard to control, Jungkook decided to become Jin’s personal bodyguard to save him from any trouble .

Jungkook’s teammate is not a fan of bugs and when there was a bug attack during one of his shows, Jungkook stepped forward to save J-Hope from being attacked by bugs.

Last but not least, during one of his concerts, Suga was not feeling well and needed to rest before the performance. Jungkook took full care of him and even delayed his concert to give Suga some extra time to rest.

Surely, we all wish we had a friend like Jungkook. What other important moment do you remember of Kookie trying to help her fellow BangTan?

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