The day Hayek thought her husband was cheating on her


Salma Hayek and her husband, Francois Henri-Pinault, are one of Hollywood’s strongest marriages, yet this has not spared them some cheating rumors. And even though they are not swayed by what they say about their relationship, Salma once went through an uncomfortable moment when she believed she had proof that her husband was unfaithful to her.

In an interview the actress gave in 2017, she recounted how it was the time she “discovered” that the Frenchman was unfaithful to her. The actress said she caught a glimpse of her phone and saw that a strange text message had arrived which said: “Hi, I’m Elena. If you want to improve your English, you must practice. Do you want to practice now? ”

The actress explained that at that moment she felt furious, although she resisted the urge to ask him at that moment, it wasn’t long before she exploded and confronted him with the encrypted message.

Her husband told her that it was Elsa and not “Elena” and “she” was an app for her phone. She explained to the actress that her daughter, Valentina, makes fun of her that she speaks better English than the two of them, so that is why she decided to download the application that would help her improve her English. Thus, everything was left in a shameful misunderstanding and Salma realized that she could not doubt him, no matter how “safe” she was.

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