The day Gigi Hadid found out about her pregnancy!


The pretty model Gigi Hadid confides on the day she found out she was expecting a child! We give you more details.

The pretty Gigi Hadid looks back on the day she discovered her pregnancy!

Last September, the pretty model and her darling Zayn Malik announced the birth of their daughter. Couples are also very discreet about their private life.

Indeed, they have long hidden the pregnancy of the young woman. And only rare pictures of Gigi Hadid pregnant have been revealed on social networks.

You should know that the young woman experienced her pregnancy during the first confinement. Which gave him a lot of privacy! Without surprise.

The couple are indeed very mysterious about this. Moreover, for the moment we still do not know the exact date of the baby’s birth.

Not even her first name or her face. Both parents have indeed decided to protect their baby’s privacy as much as possible.

In fact, even the most seasoned paparazzi failed to take a picture of the little one. Gigi Hadid for her part unveils pictures with her baby on social networks.

But she always takes great care to hide her face. So all we’ve seen of the little girl so far is a piece of her hand holding her daddy’s finger.

It was he himself who posted the snapshot on Twitter. It is also on the same social network that the young woman confided in the day she learned she was pregnant.


So, in a question and answer game launched on Twitter, the very pretty Gigi Hadid opened up about the day she found out she was pregnant.

An internet user then asked him if he knew she was pregnant during the show for stylist Simon Porte Jacquemus. The show took place during New York Fashion Week.

“Yes, I learned it the day before the Tom Ford show” confides the young woman. “I was nauseous backstage,” she says.

She then explains that she was told she had to eat all the time to control her nausea. “My mother made me snacks before each parade. »Specifies the young model.

She said she loved to eat brownies. Gigi Hadid also explains that she found out she was pregnant right after the show. She was in the process of planning another parade.

She explains that she learned she was expecting a child before the Tom Ford show. This took place in Paris in February 2020.

She was therefore already pregnant for the Jacquemus parade. In fact, the young woman shared a souvenir photo of a moment when she paraded on the podium. ” One year ago. My little girl was already there ”writes the young woman on Instagram.


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