The Day Before: new survival multiplayer is announced


The Day Before, an open world survival game, was announced today (27) for PC. The game is expected to arrive on Steam in the second quarter of 2021 and is set in a post-pandemic world resulting from a terrible virus.

In addition to the date, the multiplayer also won a trailer full of details, showing the gameplay and what we can expect from history and gameplay.

The players will face a post-pandemic America, “invaded by infected people hungry for meat and survivors killing themselves for food, weapons and cars”, explains the synopsis. In the game, you need to find resources to survive, it is possible to loot vehicles, houses and even other players.

The collected items can be sold and shared in survivors’ colonies, where there can also be communication with other participants in safety. According to the game’s official note, there is a wide variety of realistic weapons, beautiful, dangerous scenarios and a series of challenges to be faced. As with other popular games of the kind, The Day Before includes fighting zombies and humans who seek survival at all costs.

Regarding the presented aesthetics, it is possible to notice elements of gameplay and ambience that resemble enough triple A games like The Last of Us and The Division. The character’s movement and even the icons of the items refer to other titles with this same style.

While the game is not released, you can check the official website, which brings together high resolution images and other points commented on in this news. You can also keep an eye on the game’s social networks, The Day Before is present on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The game is publicized by MyTona and developed by Fntastic, who has The Wild Eight, another survival title, on his resume. In addition, the game studio also created Radiant One, available for free on the PlayStore.


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