The daughter of the Scarlet Witch killed the Cyclops in the darkest way


To prevent Cyclops from killing Wolverine, the daughter of the Scarlet Witch from the alternate universe, Nocturne, used her powers to direct Logan’s claws against his fellow X-Men. In Marvel Comics’ Exiles #42, the daughter of Wanda Maximoff and the Night Serpent ends up defeating Scott Summers in one of the darkest ways imaginable, using Wolverine’s adamantium claws to pierce the out-of-control hero in the chest without even lifting a finger. .

Talia Wagner, aka Nocturne, is the daughter of the Night Serpent and the Scarlet Witch from the future Marvel reality, where Wolverine leads the X-Men. Nocturne took the form of her father, as she had blue skin and three fingers on each hand and foot. Nocturne possessed a wide range of abilities, including body control and the ability to create powerful energy blasts called hex bolts. Before joining the team of Exiles and going on a journey through space and time, the daughter of the Scarlet Witch watched as Cyclops tried to destroy her version of the X-Men. To stop him, she turned Wolverine’s claws against the former hero.

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In Exiles #42 by Jim Calafiore, Eric Cannon, Transparency Digital, and Dave Sharp, the Scarlet Witch’s daughter, Nocturne, describes an attack by the Brotherhood of Mutants on the X-Men led by Cyclops. An alternate version of Scott Summers seeks revenge after the death of Jean Grey, mistakenly believing that Wolverine is to blame. Instead, Cyclops uses his optical blasts to break through the X-Men, which leads him to knock out Wolverine. When Summers is about to kill Wolverine, Nocturne jumps inside the body of the telepath Armageddon and uses his powers to capture Logan.

Cyclops is stunned to see Wolverine bare his claws, despite the fact that he is unable to do so. Nocturne, using his powers to capture Armageddon, forces Logan to impale Cyclops, as the out-of-control former X-Men hero can only watch in shock as he is defeated once and for all. The Scarlet Witch’s daughter doesn’t want to kill Cyclops, but she has to do something with Wolverine on the verge of murder. After all, it’s a grim but brilliant way to stop Cyclops before he kills more X-Men.

Since then, Nocturne has appeared in various X-Men related stories. However, her victory over Cyclops remains one of her most memorable moments, as she creatively came up with a way to turn Wolverine’s claws against Cyclops, saving countless lives from the wrath of the rogue hero. By destroying Cyclops, the Scarlet Witch’s daughter shows that, like her mother, she is a force to be reckoned with in the Marvel Comics universe, even if she has completely different abilities.