The dating story of Austin Kroll from Southern Charm: Chelsea Meisner, Madison Leroy, Sarah Miller and others


A tangled web. Austin Kroll laid it all bare during his time at Southern Charm, including telling fans about the ups and downs of his relationship.

The founder of Kings Calling Brewing joined the cast of the Charleston series in the 4th season of 2017.

“I mean, I’ll give it to the guy, he’s tall. He smells good. I do not know what it is, but yes, women love Austin.”

The author of “One Day You’ll Thank Me” added, “He’s never had a problem [getting a girlfriend].”

Kroll first came to attention in 2017 when he and Rose had a fight over their feelings for the film’s partner Chelsea Meisner. In the end, she decided to continue her relationship with Kroll, but they did not last long, and the co-host of the podcast “Pillows and Beer” restored relations with Meisner’s girlfriend Victoria Bolyard.

Soon, some eagle-eyed fans noticed that Kroll seemed to be attracted to the same women Rose either dated or dated.

“Victoria has never met Shep, and neither has Chelsea, to be completely honest. He’s [not dating anyone],” Kroll said during a July 2018 appearance on “Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen.” “My stomach always felt heavy when Shep was joking with one or two girls I was dating.”

Despite several dirty romances on camera, Kroll tried his hand at love again with Madison Lecroy, who joined the cast of “Southern Charm” in season 6. Their tumultuous relationship ended in December 2020.

“The last two weeks are the longest I’ve ever not spoken to her,” Kroll exclusively told Us after the breakup, noting that he is “heartbroken” over the breakup. “So it’s like I’ve cut off the cold turkey from my addiction. …It just wasn’t easy.”

The University of Alabama graduate has not allowed his uneasy relationship with Lecroy to overshadow his personal life recently — which caused rumors of an affair with Kristin Cavallari at the end of 2020. In the following years, Kroll also had affairs with several other Bravo personalities.

Scroll down to relive all of Kroll’s high-profile relationships:

Chelsea Meisner

The hairdresser briefly had an affair with Kroll during the 4th season of “Southern Charm” in 2017. Kroll raised eyebrows in June 2018 when he apparently hinted that there was no spark between him and Meisner before their breakup. “I need a woman with a sexual attraction,” he wrote on Instagram after a fan claimed he hadn’t tried hard enough with his former film partner.

Victoria Bolyard

Kroll broke up with a friend of Meisner in the fifth season of the series “Bravo”, which aired in 2018, but the relationship did not last long. In June of the same year, the TV presenter said that Bolyard was aggressive with him off-screen after viewers witnessed her throwing her drink at him.

“After she poured a drink on me, she followed me home and threw a rock at my window and I had to call the police,” Kroll said on Instagram in June 2018. “This was the third time she had such antics. I’m in the mood to say [everything] tonight.”

A month later, Bolyard accused the beer producer of “gaslighting and bullying” her during their relationship after a video appeared in which Kroll allegedly cheated on his then girlfriend Lecroy.

“I was the only girl who didn’t cheat on him and didn’t blow up his character flaws on national television, but he still chooses hostility towards me,” Beaulyard wrote on Instagram at the time, apparently referring to Kroll’s claims that she was crazy about him. allegedly threw a stone at his window after an argument.

Madison Lecroy

The barber dated Kroll for two years before Lecroy exclusively told us in December 2020 that they called it quitting for good. “We are not together now. I’m 1,000 percent single, and so is he,” she said at the time. “So ladies, if you want it, you can have it.”

The Greenville, South Carolina native moved in with Brett Randle, whom she got engaged to in October 2021.