The date on which MWC 2021 will be held has changed


The 2020 Mobile World Congress (MWC 2020) was one of the first events to be canceled before the coronavirus outbreak turned into a global crisis. Although March was marked for MWC 2021 in the first place, it was decided to change this date. Organizing the congress, GSMA announced that MWC 2021 will be held between 28 June-1 July 2021. Barcelona, ​​Spain, will host the congress again.

In the statement made by the GSMA, it was stated that the event was taken forward in order to provide a safe environment despite the global COVID-19 outbreak. Due to the current course of the coronavirus epidemic, many people began to think that the previously announced March date was ambitious.

In the statement of the GSMA, it was stated that a “unique and unmissable” experience awaits users. In the statement, it was stated that virtual events will also be organized for those who are physically afraid of attending the congress. Stating that they have worked with the managers of the city of Barcelona for history, GSMA underlined that the events in Shanghai and Los Angeles will be held in 2021.

Although MWC 2021 is postponed to the end of June, it remains uncertain which companies will attend the congress. Companies such as Sony, LG, Amazon, Intel, Facebook and Nokia withdrew from MWC 2020 before the cancellation decision came. Next year’s participation status seems to be shaped by the next six-month course of the epidemic.

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