The date Jin could enter military service


Big Hit Entertainment is currently discussing Kim Seok Jin’s entry into the military, the K-pop idol could enter to fulfill his responsibilities as a Korean citizen before his band colleagues, and they revealed the possible date of his enlistment in the military.

All South Korean men must complete a period of military service, it is a requirement to belong to the ranks of the army of that Asian country. Many fans fire their idols for two years until they return to the stage.

The boys of BTS are a true K-pop success, they represent one of the most viral global phenomena in the world, in addition to being talented singers and rappers, they are the voice of a whole generation that inspires ARMY with their songs and liberating lyrics.

Jin, Jimin, Jungkook, Suga, J-Hope, V, and RM must complete two years of military service, but the company that represents them is still discussing the Bangtan Boys’ admission to their military training.

Kim Seok Jin is the oldest member of the band, so he will be the first to do his military service. There has been previously talk about the possibility of all BTS members joining the military together, however, some reports have indicated that the ‘Boy with Luv’ interpreter could enlist before the rest of his peers.

Hyunsu Yim, a business reporter for The Korea Herald, posted on his official Twitter account a very comprehensive report of Big Hit Entertainment’s multiple economic activities and upcoming projects; the journalist disclosed the possible situation of Jin and his military service.

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Yim revealed that, Big Hit’s investors have session power over the direction of the groups and the future of the entertainment company, in the meetings of the partners the issue of the enlistment of the idol originally from Gwacheon in Korea was put on the table. from the south.

Apparently, Kim Seok Jin could be enlisted in the military at the end of the year 2021 and the executives of Big Hit have evaluated each of the issues that this entails, such as the new dynamics of BTS and even the future albums of the boys.

According to Hyunsu Yim, the South Korean company is studying the possibility of recording record materials before Jin enters the South Korean military service, in addition to creating other content and setting a promotion schedule so that the boys of BTS do not lose their presence in the medium.

What it means is that, in the event that Jin enters mandatory military service, the Bangtan Boys will continue to have musical activities and Kim Seok Jin’s participation will continue to be heard on the K-pop band’s records. What do you think of this report?


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