The date has been given for the Xiaomi foldable phone!


With the advancement of technology, smartphones began to evolve in different ways. With much more advanced cameras, powerful processors and memory and storage that we are used to using in computers, it has come to a different point. On top of these, models with a foldable screen emerged, and models that gave the tablet experience began to be offered for sale. After manufacturers such as Samsung, Huawei and Motorola, Xiaomi has rolled up its sleeves to produce foldable phones. The date for the Xiaomi foldable phone has been announced!

Calendars for Xiaomi foldable phone show 2021!

Earlier last year, a foldable phone was seen in Xiaomi’s President Lin Bin. Afterwards, it was said that the foldable phone of the company would be available for sale. New claims came from Chinese sources for the smartphone that has not been released to date.

Xiaomi katlanabilir telefon

According to allegations, Xiaomi’s foldable phone will be available next year. Xiaomi President Lin Bin stated that some technologies have been developed for the double-sided foldable phone. These technologies; flexible matrix technology, hinge mechanism, flexible matrix coating and MIUI adaptation. Thanks to these technologies, Xiaomi will have made the world’s first double-sided phone.

Since the technologies expected to be found in the aforementioned double-fold phone have not developed enough, we have not seen the phone in the market yet. The company has to spend a lot of time and capital to launch phones with high-end and new technologies. After the reactions against the Xiaomi Mi Max Alpha concept, it seems difficult to launch an expensive product on the market, and Xiaomi is expected to reduce the production price of the double foldable phone and sell it at a price that will heat the competition in the market.

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