The darkest murder of Hank Voight in Chicago police


Here is an explanation of the darkest murder of Hank Voight in the Chicago police. Producer Dick Wolf began his career working on such classic shows as Hill Street Blues and Miami Vice, and then launched a grand franchise with the series “Law and Order”. This series usually divides episodes between police officers investigating a given case before it switches to the prosecution side. Soon “Law and Order” became one of the most popular procedural films on television and spawned many by-products, including “Special Victims Unit” and “Organized Crime”.

Wolf is often lucky when it comes to turning TV shows into long-running franchises, and he later proved it again with his Chicago saga. It started with the Chicago fire in 2012, which focused on a group of firefighters. As of 2022, “Chicago Fire” lasts for ten seasons, and its success has led to a series of interconnected shows, including “Chicago Justice” and “Chicago Police” (which Sophia Bush left after season 4). The latter follows the intelligence department of the police department, headed by Detective Sergeant Hank Voight (Jason Bech, “Monkey Shine”).

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Voight was first introduced in Chicago Fire as a corrupt and violent cop who tried to threaten Matthew Casey to drop claims that Voight’s son Justin was guilty of a car accident due to drunk driving. Voight was more specific in the Chicago police department, but although he is respected in his unit, he has shown that he is more than willing to use violent methods in the name of justice. This includes murder, and in season three, Voight committed his darkest murder in the name of revenge for his son.

In the finale of the third season of Chicago Police, “Start Digging”, Hank Voight’s son Justin is involved in the murder of a woman and is later found in the trunk of his car with a shot in the head. He is still alive and taken to the hospital, but Voight decides to disconnect him from the life support system after Justin is pronounced dead. Voight tracks down Justin’s killer Kevin Bingham and takes him to a remote place, forcing him to dig his own grave. Despite the fact that Erin from Sofia Bush has arrived and is trying to persuade Voight, he, of course, intends to take revenge. After she leaves, Voight executes Bingham and fills up the grave.

Chicago police have never shied away from portraying the brutality of Hank Voight, who has several famous quotes. It was the personal advantage in killing Bingham that made him the darkest. Forcing him to dig his own grave and let her drown wasn’t going to be saved, which added to the cruelty, but then again, Bingham didn’t have much remorse for killing Voight’s son.