The Dark World of Sabrina: Netflix apologizes for the tweet


Netflix has decided to apologize after several negative reactions to a tweet shared by the official profile of Sabrina’s Dark World series.

The publication, which was already promptly excluded, included backstage footage of the production cast all covered in fake blood. The caption, however, made reference to the fateful Sunday Bloody Sunday.

The historical episode in question, which in Brazil became known as Bloody Sunday, occurred on January 30, 1972.

During a protest in Derry, Northern Ireland, 14 people were shot and killed by British soldiers. From then on, the Bogside Massacre, which took place on a Sunday, came to be called by the term cited by the streaming platform on the series’ social networks.

“Our tweet was unacceptable and has already been removed. We are very sorry for the pain and anguish we cause,” Netflix said in an official statement released by Deadline.

Criticisms were made of Sabrina’s Dark World Twitter post

After the publication of the backstage photos with the caption cited, several followers expressed their criticism of Netflix’s stance. “I think at least someone behind this account should take a look at the answers and maybe Google about Bloody Sunday,” wrote an internet user.

“Please take a minute to read your caption and post it on Google. Then, apologize to your Irish fans and everyone who was affected by these atrocities, ”posted another Twitter user through the comments section.

Other followers of the series account requested that a public retraction be made for the case. As seen, requests were met.


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