The “Dark Star Wars” theory claims that Ezra (not Thrawn) is the next big villain of the saga


Thrawn is expected to be the main villain of the Star Wars Mandovers, but fan theory suggests that Ezra Bridger will actually be the next big villain of the saga. Since the future of “Star Wars” on the big screen is still a mystery after the end of the Skywalker saga, the franchise has focused its efforts on a television format with several Disney+ “Star Wars” shows. Between “The Mandalorian,” “The Boba Fett Book,” and the upcoming “Ahsoka” live action series, “Star Wars” is slowly coming together for what could be a huge event that could complete the storylines that began in “Star Wars: Clone Wars” and “Star Wars.” : The rebels.

Despite the fact that this is a separate show, “Mandalorian” quickly began to cover the knowledge and characters from the animated series “Star Wars”. In addition to Easter eggs and callbacks, season 1 of The Mandalorian also featured the Dark Sword, first seen in The Clone Wars, in the last episode. Since then, episodes of animated characters that are now portrayed in live action, such as Bo-Katan and Ahsoka, have become commonplace, and “Mandalorian” has evolved from a small-scale story into an installation of something bigger. After Ahsoka mentioned The Mandalorian in the second season, she was looking for Thrawn; It became clear that the storyline laid down in the finale of “Star Wars: Rebels” will be transferred to live action either on Ahsoka or on a possible future team show.

At the end of Star Wars: Rebels, Ezra and the rest of the rebels managed to prevent Thrawn from bombing Lothal. However, to ensure that no one could ever save Thrawn, Ezra made a random jump into hyperspace on the same ship as the villain. Since Ezra’s whereabouts were completely unknown, Ahsoka teamed up with Sabine Ren to fulfill her promise to Bridger to find him. While the most obvious conclusion to this storyline would be Thrawn as a kind of Thanos from Star Wars, who would force heroes like Luka, Ahsoka and Mando to team up with the forces of the New Republic to stop him, one fan theory (via Reddit) believes that Star Wars will upend expectations. and Ezra will be the villain instead. Of course, Ezra was the hero of “Star Wars: Rebels” until the very end, but more than a decade after his friends saw him for the last time, the student of Kanan can now be a completely different person.

Ezra has already flirted with the dark side

Force users are tempted by the forces of the dark side quite often in Star Wars, and the same thing happened with Ezra—Ezra even used the dark side a couple of times before. The first was during one of the many battles against the Grand Inquisitor, in which Ezra completely lost control of the Force and reached a level of power that amazed even Kanan. Things got even worse after Ezra met the ancient Darth Maul, who persuaded the padawan to help him. Maul gained Ezra’s trust, and together they managed to get the Sith holocron and activate the Sith battle station on Malakor. Even after Maul revealed his true intentions and nearly killed Kanan, Ezra continued to gain access to the Sith holocron in order to gain more power. Presumably, Ahsoka was dead, and Ezra wanted to make sure that he would never let another friend get hurt again. This idea alone is very similar to what made Anakin Skywalker become Darth Vader.

How Ezra Could Be the Next Big Villain in Star Wars

One of the biggest mysteries of “Star Wars” to date is what happened to Ezra and Thrawn and where exactly they are now. Given that the destination was completely random, Ezra and Thrawn could be in any corner of the galaxy, even in Unknown regions. It is possible that the duo found themselves in a hostile environment in which they are struggling to survive. Both Ezra and Thrawn survived and have already faced a struggle for their lives, so they know how to get out of difficult situations.

The problem is that Ezra may have been forced to make questionable decisions and cross borders in order to survive. Moreover, during his time with Thrawn, Ezra could learn about many other threats existing in the galaxy outside the Empire, such as the Chiss. Thrawn doesn’t consider himself a villain, and at least according to the Thrawn novels, he really isn’t a villain in the same sense as Vader or the Emperor. The same moral duality could be transferred to Ezra, who could find in Thrawn a kind of main figure. Therefore, by the time Ahsoka finally finds Ezra, he may no longer need to be rescued and will be able to carry out his own mission, which somehow opposes the heroes’ mission.

Why playing the villain Ezra Won’t Hurt His Character

Ezra never fully embraced the dark side like Anakin, and eventually gave up the Sith holocron. However, the third season of “Star Wars: Rebels” proved that Ezra was willing to do everything possible to achieve his goals, which were always noble.