The Dark Souls 3 player points out the depressing detail of the Temple of Fire


In 2016, Dark Souls 3 hit the shelves and digital stores, completing the trilogy of FromSoftware games. Since then, the developers of Dark Souls have allowed the franchise to rest, but still create games with similar elements. However, even to this day, fans still point to newly discovered details in the final game of the franchise.

Dark Souls games are known among gamers for their incredible complexity and dumb stories. While the main plots are quite simple, the real story of Dark Souls, character development and general elements of world building are a bit more complicated. Often, the background of the characters and the details of building the world are hidden in the descriptions of objects and one-sided conversations with non-player characters. Generally speaking, most of the history and elements of building the world tell a very depressing story. One of the saddest stories in games is the story of Henri of Astora and Horace the Silent.

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In Dark Souls 3, Henri and Horace go hunting Aldrich, the God Eater, together. Depending on how the player plays the game, his story may end as soon as the player defeats Aldrich, but it may also end much earlier and in a much more depressing way. Recently, Reddit user yesborris noted that if you kill Horace in the Temple of Fire, Henri will become depressed and remain comatose in the temple until you kill her.

FUNNY FACT! If you kill Horace while Henri and Horace are in a fiery relationship, Henri will give up and remain depressed in a fiery relationship forever or until you end her suffering. 🙂 from darksouls3

The story of Henri and Horace in Dark Souls 3 is equally sad and disturbing. Aldrich was not so much a devourer of gods as a devourer of children, and became the Lord of the ashes thanks to the power accumulated as a result of this terrible action. Both Henri and Horace were on Aldrich’s menu before they managed to escape from his clutches. After Aldrich’s resurrection, they decided to kill the Lord of the Ashes once and for all.

Like many other non-player characters in Dark Souls, the fate of Henri and Horace is determined by the actions of the player character. If the player decides to help Henri and Horace in their search, they will be separated by a trap, and Horace, unfortunately, will become empty. The player character can summon Henri to help in the battle against Aldrich, as well as use a number of special weapons and techniques. Once the Lord of the Ashes is defeated, Henri’s goal is accomplished, and she leaves the Temple of Fire forever to become a void in one of two different places.

Another option when it comes to Henri is to completely ignore her desire to kill Aldrich. If the player character chooses to side with certain NPCs and becomes the Lord of the Voids, Henri is used for this purpose, which leads to an alternate ending for Dark Souls 3. However, none of these stories will happen if the player decides that Horace needs to die in the Temple of Fire.

Dark Souls 3 is already available on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.


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