The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me arrives this November


Bandai Namco confirmed to IGN at Gamescom that The Dark Pictures: The Devil In Me will be released on November 18.

Released on PlayStation 4 and 5, Xbox One and Series, as well as on PC, “The Devil in Me” acts as the finale of the first season of the Dark Pictures anthology, completing a collection of stories that began with “The Man from Medan” in 2019.

The unfortunate characters in this episode are part of an entertaining television series that is struggling to gain views. However, when a mysterious stranger invites them to an exact recreation of the murder castle of H. H. Holmes, they are full of hope for the opportunity to revive their show. Of course, things are getting worse, and the team finds itself in the middle of a whole new series of terrible events.

Developer Supermassive Games recently released The Quarry — another horror game with branched paths, which acts as a proper spiritual successor to 2015’s “Live to See the Dawn”, but in recent years has focused on the Dark Pictures anthology.

This series also seems to be an important part of the developer’s future, as back in February he registered trademarks for six more Dark Pictures games.

IGN has so far given mixed reviews about the series. We said that “The Man from Medan” was “good” and “offers a frightening horror adventure”, the consequences of which are directly related to the actions of the player. “Little Hope” was “mediocre,” with “boring characters and relatively meaningless consequences,” but we thought “House of Ashes” was “magnificent” and the best for the studio since the release of “Live till Dawn” in 2015.

Ryan Dinsdale is an IGN freelancer. He’ll be talking about the Witcher all day.


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