The cutest couples Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover in Instagram Photos


Bravo fans love the reality show crossover romance between Summer House star Paige DeSorbo and Craig Conover from Southern Charm. Paige and Craig first met in season 4 of “Summer House” when he attended one of the actors’ many house parties. Paige was in a relationship at the time, so their friendship started platonically.

Paige and Craig reunited in the additional film “Summer House” “Winter House”, which was filmed in February 2021. Although Paige was single, Craig was dating his girlfriend Natalie Hegauer at the time. Paige admitted that she was disappointed with Craig’s absence from the market, so she decided to target the beautiful Italian model Andrea Denver.

After “Winter Home,” Paige was spotted in Charleston, South Carolina, which sparked rumors of a possible romance with the “Southern Charm” star. The owner of Sewing Down South appeared in the 6th season of Summer House, and fans watched their relationship go from casual dates to exclusive ones. In October 2021, Craig and Paige officially announced their relationship on Instagram and have since been posting photos of the cute couple that fans can’t help but like.

Craig and Paige with their pillows

When Craig started sewing as a hobby in season 4 of Southern Charm, many of his teammates on the set made fun of him. However, he turned his hobby into his sewing business in the south, making decorative pillows and selling them online. A few years later, his business exploded, and now he is the proud owner of a regular store in Charleston. Many fans love how supportive Paige was, and they proudly showed off his outdoor pillows in this cozy Instagram snap.

Paige and Craig at the Black Tie event

Although Paige’s Instagram feed mostly consists of photos of her fashion choices, the influencer posted a photo of her and Craig at a black-tie event. Paige is wearing a sheer polka dot dress, and Craig looks elegant in a black tuxedo. Paige captioned the picture: “Taking a picture is a full—time job.” Many fans noted how great the couple looked together.

Paige and Craig in Charleston

In May, Craig posted a series of photos of him and Paige spending time in Charleston. Craig shared that they split their time between his home in South Carolina and Paige’s apartment in New York. In the last shot, the couple posed with Craig’s parents, which sparked rumors that Paige might move to Charleston for a permanent job. The star of “Southern Charm” has already started repairing his house and is building a closet for Paige. Although they don’t have engagement plans yet, it’s possible Paige will soon make the jump from “Summer House” to the cast of “Southern Charm.”