The Current Level of Gold, One-tenth of Bitcoin in 2017


Markets have been seeing exciting moments in recent days. Goldman Sachs’ target was finally reached with the fluctuation of gold prices, and the ounce price of gold saw 2 thousand dollars.

Investors are excited with this new record, while Bitcoin continues to move above 11 thousand bands. Scott Melker, a user of The Wolf of the Wall Street on Twitter, commented on the subject:

“The $ 2,000 level is good, but it’s only 1/10 of the $ 20,000 level in 2017 where Bitcoin saw its all-time high.”

On a comment he shared on Twitter, one of his followers said, “Why can’t you love both?” Melker answered the question as follows:

“I love them both, only gold is now over.”

If you look at the other tweets that he shared on his Twitter account; Melker sees gold as the old generation Bitcoin and thinks his days are past.

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