The Current Danger Champion Has a Strong Opinion of Ken Jennings Versus Ken Jennings. Mayim Bialik Leads The Debate


The intense search for a replacement for Alex Trebek as the host of Jeopardy! Apparently, it was completed before the current quiz season, when the position that Ken Jennings and Mayim Bialik temporarily shared became their permanent one. However, it seems that both fans and participants lack a sense of closure on this issue, as opinions continue to be expressed about which host prefers. Current danger! champion Jake DeArruda was among those with a strong opinion, and he didn’t seem shy about explaining why he was happy that Jennings was hosting episodes in which he won.

Jake DeArruda, a delivery dispatcher from Ludlow, Vermont, accumulated a total of $47,994 in two days before the game on January 31. In a series of blog posts about his experience participating in Jeopardy!, the reigning champion said that he watched the episodes hosted by Mayim Bialik to prepare for his appearance, frankly describing the obvious mistakes that Mayim Bialik makes in the prompts. Champion wrote (according to TV Insider):

It is obvious to attentive observers that she mispronounces words, skips punctuation and is really inconsistent in her pace. Ken, meanwhile, has been doing trivia for most of his life, so he knows which words to emphasize, and overall it seems like he’s keeping up with his pace. This is important for buzzer timing purposes.

Jake DeArruda said he practiced with episodes hosted by Mayim Bialik to learn her rhythm so he could respond quickly to the buzzer. In the end, it turned out to be in vain (at least for now), because he showed that:

Everyone applauded when Ken Jennings was announced as our host of the week of cassettes.

Although the reigning champion seemed to have trouble pronouncing Mayim Bialik and reading the prompts, he is not alone in his favoritism towards one of the biggest winners in the history of Jeopardy!. Former super champion Mattea Roach said that although “Mayim is fantastic,” the actress has a different story with the game, and there is something special about sharing the stage with Jeopardy! A GOAT — even if he doesn’t talk much to the contestants.

Another super champion, Arthur Chu, also shared some not-so-positive thoughts about Mayim Bialik, and also noted that Ken Jennings seemed to be who Alex Trebek wanted to be his successor. The Call Me Kat actress even joked that she agrees with the people in Jennings’ corner, saying she likes him “a lot more than I like myself.”

Mayim Bialik was supposed to take over the reins from Ken Jennings at the beginning of the new year, but Jeopardy! Producer Sarah Whitcomb Foss explained on Inside Jeopardy! podcast that the actress’ “Call Me Kat” filming schedule has “evolved”, so we will see her return later than expected.

Jake DeArruda’s comments about the ongoing hosting debate came after recent champion Yogesh Routh launched into an epic tirade that reduced the relevance of the quiz, prompting veteran James Holzhauer to call for a “lifetime ban” of those who criticize the show. We will need to see if the comments of the current champion will cause a similar reaction from the audience. In the meantime, check your local listings to find out when Jeopardy! plays in your region, and take a look at our TV program for 2023 to find out which series will premiere in the near future.


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