The Cuming Story of Kevin Conroy is DC’s Most Important Comic in Recent Years


Warning! DC Pride 2022 #1 spoilers from DC Comics below

Legendary Batman voice actor Kevin Conroy tells a touching personal story about how he became gay in one of the most important DC Comics stories in recent years. In this week’s issue of DC Pride 2022 #1, the actor best known for voicing Batman in Batman: The Animated Series and many other DC animated films, video games and television series wrote an incredibly touching, must-read story about self-discovery. and goes out.

When it comes to superhero voice actors, Kevin Conroy is one of the most iconic and recognizable voices in the industry. The New York-born actor became the main voice in the animated series “Batman: Batman” in the early 90s, continuing to voice the character in the films “Batman of the Future”, “Justice League”, “Unlimited Justice League” and DC animated films to this day. Conroy even appeared as Bruce Wayne from Earth-99 in live action during the “Crisis on Infinite Earths” crossover of the Arrow series. Ultimately, Conroy is in the same league as Adam West and Michael Keaton regarding the best Batman images. Conroy’s take on the Dark Knight is, for many, the ultimate Batman.

As part of the DC Pride 2022 #1 anthology this week, Kevin Conroy wrote an incredibly personal story called “In Search of Batman” together with artist J. Bone and letterman Aditya Bidikar, telling how the search for Batman became a turning point in his life and personality. Conroy admits that he put on his own mask when he grew up in a sincerely Christian and dysfunctional family, hiding for decades that he was gay in his public life. He tells how he survived the HIV epidemic/AIDS in the 80s, saw his close friends die, and how fellow actors and producers insulted him. Conroy struggled with doubts about himself and his career for decades, until he got a call about the voice acting in Batman: The Animated Series.

Conroy writes that he was connected to Batman and what Bruce Wayne saw on Crime Alley with his parents, as he saw his father lying drunk in a pool of blood after he injured himself as a child. Conroy asked if he had made too many compromises in his public and private identity as gay, which he attributed to Batman’s struggle with his own dueling life. As Conroy beautifully put it, “thirty years of frustration, confusion, denial, love, longing” for a sense of security and identity was something he was connected to, as it helped him form the voice that would later become Batman. He felt that “Batman rises from the depths of his soul.”

There are more heartbreaking details in “In Search of Batman” that are not mentioned in this post, which make Conroy’s journey of self-discovery and establishing a connection with Batman an even more incredible story. We strongly recommend that you read the story of Kevin Conroy in DC Pride 2022, as it is a touching story about how to get out and find your identity in a world that seemingly does everything possible to work against you. Frankly, it would be shocking if “Finding Batman” didn’t win Eisner, as it is one of the most important stories published by DC Comics in recent years, as it will resonate with readers struggling with the same doubts, questions and experiences as the legendary voice actor.