The cult of the lamb: how long to win


Loyal followers can finally get their hands on Cult of the Lamb, a pleasant but dark roguelite game from Massive Monster and Devolver Digital, in which players create and cultivate their own cult of devoted creatures. Fans have been looking forward to this adventure since the trailer was released thanks to the cute but stunning visuals, similar to a storybook. It also combines two genres: the Lamb himself travels through heavy combat dungeons, kills all kinds of enraged enemies and faces random, bagel-like challenges, while simultaneously taking care of his flock, building his own city in any way they see fit.

The developers have been working hard on polishing the indie release, and it’s possible that players will get some DLC before it’s over. However, the basic Cult of the Lamb adventure promises to be quite an expensive adventure for its price. Players have a lot to see and do, and the storyline for a single-player game stretches across five unique regions. Players will fight all kinds of malicious non-believers, as well as perform side quests, mini-games and other urban planning exercises.

But how much content can be revealed in this dark but charming title? According to the developers themselves, players can expect at least 15-20 hours when it comes to passing Cult of the Lamb for the first time. However, it’s possible that many players will need more time than the base time period to complete their iconic journey, thanks to the roguelike mechanics scattered throughout the release. Each time players embark on a dungeon journey, they will be forced to wield certain weapons and abide by the rules of the curse. These items can be exchanged later during a given playthrough, but this randomization can simplify or complicate progress through the area depending on the style of play and mechanics.

It’s also important to note that the dungeons themselves are also random and even include strange events and other encounters to shake things up even more. In addition to full-scale combat, players will find quite relaxing and semi-deep mechanics of building cities and communities that will allow them to complete quests for followers, as well as general interactions that can help them strengthen their bond with their cultists. , many of whom will gladly become a victim so that the player-controlled Lamb can rise further along the plot.

It will be interesting to see where Cult of the Lamb goes in the future, but at the moment there is enough content that novice wool cult leaders can sift through.


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