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Players that keep their cult members happy and manage to slay the strongest enemies skulking in the dungeons of Cult of the Lamb will be rewarded with Stone Tablet pieces. After collecting three, Lamb can head to the Church and preach to their masses in order to enact Doctrines. Here, players will have the choice between two Doctrines, each time they level up a specific subset of their Doctrine Wheel, with multiple “genres” that affect different aspects of the Cult’s community values and “government.”

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There are twenty total choices that Cult of the Lamb players will have to make concerning doctrines as they make their way through their adventure. To better help players that are struggling to make decisions, or to give a sneak peek at which Doctrines are unlocked at which stage, the following list includes a look at all the possible Doctrines and what they do, as well as some advice on what the “best” choice is for each tier.


The following Doctrines affect how a player’s cult members perceive Death and Dying, and also provide some unique bonuses for aging cult members. Players can usually skip this tree at the start to focus on other aspects of their cult, as they likely won’t have an abundance of cult members kicking the bucket, as long as they’re taken care of. Here’s a look at what choices to expect at each tier.

Afterlife I

Belief in Sacrifice Belief in Afterlife +20 Faith whenever a Cult member is sacrificed. Decrease to -5 Faith when a follower perishes instead of -20

Choice Advice: Without the appropriate upgrade to decrease Ritual Cooldowns, players will likely find some followers dying of old age without the possibility of being sacrificed. As players progress and gain more followers, they will notice groups of them reaching Old Age at the same time. Because of this, it’s a much better option to select Choice Two: Belief in Afterlife Trait, as it’s very likely that players will end up with multiple cultists dying naturally from Old Age, so long as they’re taken care of.

Afterlife II

Ritual of Resurrection Funeral Unlock a Ritual that allows you to revive dead Followers. Perform a Funeral on a recently deceased Follower for +20 Faith.

Choice Advice: Each time players successfully level up their adoration from a particular Follower, that cultist will gain additional positive traits that make them a better follower overall. Although the Ritual of Resurrection has a long cooldown, it’s worth it to be able to bring back a particularly useful cultist, and they will be returned to a young age, giving them a new lease on life.

Afterlife III

Respect Your Elders Good Die Young Followers gain +5 Faith for every Elderly Follower around. +10 Faith if an Elderly Follower is used for sacrifice/murder/cannibalism, but lose -5 if they die naturally.

Choice Advice: When players amass enough followers, they can be sure they’ll begin to see more and more Elderly cultists pop up. As it’s possible (and likely) that there will be groups that reach this senior status at the same time, it’s much better to provide a small Faith bonus by having them around. The unpredictability in which Elderly Followers can perish can cause players to lose a large amount of Faith if they miss a sacrifice.

Afterlife IV

Return to the Earth Grieve the Fallen Unlock the Natural Burial building, which turns corpses into Fertilizer. Unlock the Grave Building, which produces +2 Faith when Followers grieve at it.

Choice Advice: The Grave Building is situational, providing a small bump for players that are struggling with Faith production, but the Natural Burial Building is a better choice economically. As the cult grows, and players begin to create larger automated farms, they will need steady access to Fertilizer.

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Work And Worship

This subset contains all the Doctrines associated with how cultist members are put to work, as well as how obediently they work and if the Lamb allows them to have some “downtime.” Those that are looking to increase their Devotion, or increase the rate at which cultists do things like Farm, Refine Wood, and Harvest Materials, should start here.

Work And Worship I

Faithful Industrious Devotion generates +15% faster. Work speed increases by +15%.

Choice Advice: Players that do a lot of refining may be tempted to choose the Industrious Trait if they see themselves building a mass of structures and decorations, but the Faithful trait will greatly speed up the rate at which players can access Divine Inspirations, by providing them with more Devotion.

Work And Worship II

Inspire Intimidate Unlock a command to Inspire a follower to increase their loyalty (replaces Bless). Unlock a command to Intimidate a follower to make them work +10% faster for 2 days (replaces Bless).

Choice Advice: Intimidation can work well to give a single follower a small boost to work speed but Inspire is a much better choice overall. It will increase a Follower’s Loyalty by a decent chunk, helping players to level them up faster, while simultaneously reaping the rewards by gaining tablet pieces and Devotion.

Work And Worship III

The Glory of Construction Ritual of Enlightenment Unlocks a Ritual that immediately builds all unbuilt structures. Unlocks a Ritual to increase Devotion generation at the Shrine by 20% for 3 days.

Choice Advice: Building structures is not particularly difficult, especially if players have a mass of Followers. Once a building is placed, all Followers nearby will rush to it to build it automatically. Players should opt for the boost to Devotion, as it will allow them to unlock Divine Inspirations faster.

Work And Worship IV

Glory Through Toil Holy Day Unlocks a Ritual that allows Followers to work for 3 days straight without stopping. Unlocks a Ritual that allows followers to rest for a day and rewards +80 Faith.

Choice Advice: Although it’s tempting to force mass work for 3 days, especially for those that want to refine a lot of materials, the better choice here is to unlock a Holy Day. Followers will cease working or praying for an entire day, but the +80 Faith trade-off is too good to pass up. This Ritual can outright save a player’s Faith from dipping too low and causing Dissenters.

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Law And Order

Lamb will need to invest some Doctrines into Law and Order if they wish to unlock specific things like Ascension, Weddings, and core beliefs. These choices will help to establish what type of cult the player is running and whether they are a benevolent or cruel ruler. Most of these choices are related to loyalty, so those struggling with dissenters should check out some of the choices below.

Law And Order I

Murder Follower Ascend Follower Unlocks a Murder action that players can use to dispose of Followers at will. Unlocks a Ritual to Ascend a follower. Followers will reward Loyalty based on the sacrificed Follower’s Loyalty.

Choice Advice: Murdering a Follower can be a quick and easy way to deal with a problem, but the aftershock of the cultists seeing the action take place could cause strife. It’s safer, smarter, and better for players to deal with Dissenters as they show up, to opt for the Ascension Ritual that can reward a hefty amount of Loyalty if used on a Loyal Follower.

Law And Order II

Ritualistic Fight Pit Wedding Perform a Ritual that sees two Followers fight to the death. Unlock a Ritual to Marry a Follower.

Choice Advice: The Ritualistic Fight Pit doesn’t offer nearly as much value as a Wedding. The Lamb is free to marry as many Followers as they want, although it’s important to note that followers will likely be jealous if the player has too many spouses. The +30 Faith boost can really help in a pinch.

Law And Order III

Belief In Original Sin Belief In Absolution Reduced loss of Faith if a Follower is jailed that isn’t Dissenting. Each day that begins with no Followers imprisoned gains +10 Faith.

Choice Advice: Players will be hard-pressed to find a reason to jail a Follower that isn’t actively Dissenting. Those looking to keep the Cult invested should opt to gain Faith so long as Followers aren’t imprisoned. It gives a decent boost to each day, helping to keep Faith levels high.

Law And Order IV

Loyalty Enforcer Tax Enforcer Perform a Ritual to appoint a Loyalty Enforcer who will patrol and raise Follower Loyalty. Perform a Ritual to appoint a Tax Enforcer who will patrol and collect taxes.

Choice Advice: Loyalty can be gained in numerous ways, through a variety of Rituals, as well as Blessing, Inspiring, and giving gifts to Followers. Because of this, it’s more useful to impose a Tax that helps to fill the player’s pockets with Gold (without consequence).

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Is the Cult of the Lamb a materialistic society, or do they try their best to live without money, taxes, and worldly possessions? Here, players will have choices that pertain to what (if anything) their followers will give up to help support the cult and their community. Those that need some extra gold, or those looking to use their gold for bribery and loyalty gain can start with this unfolding tree.

Possessions I

Extort Tithes Bribe Follower Unlocks command to collect Gold from a Follower once a day. Unlocks command to pay a Follower some Gold to increase their Loyalty.

Choice Advice: Because it’s so easy for players to increase Follower loyalty through various mechanics, it’s better to have an option to receive Gold from a Follower. As the game progresses, Gold can become much more valuable, as players unlock new Tarot cards, buy Seeds, or refine the currency into Gold Bars.

Possessions II

Belief in Materialism Belief in False Idols Gain Faith when building better sleeping quarters for Followers. Gain Faith when placing decoration buildings.

Choice Advice: Once players have built sleeping quarters, they’ll be able to repair them once they break down, and once they’ve amassed enough, they won’t need any more for perspective Followers as they perish and are replaced. Players should take the option to increase Faith with placed decorations as they can drop a decoration with the explicit purpose to gain Faith, and then destroy it to regain the materials.

Possessions III

Alms for the Poor Ritual of Enrichment Unlocks a Ritual that gives Gold to Followers to increase Loyalty and also rewards +10 Faith. Unlocks a Ritual in which Followers give Gold to the Lamb.

Choice Advice: Although the small Faith and Loyalty boost are nice in conjunction, it’s much better to opt for the Ritual of Enrichment. This will reward the Lamb with a hefty sum of Gold without much consequence.

Possessions IV

Sacral Architecture Devotee Trait +5 Faith when a new Building is built. Gain more Faith when delivering a Sermon.

Choice Advice: This is an easy choice, as players will eventually reach a point in which they aren’t actively constructing many new buildings. Because the Lamb can preach a Sermon each and every day, they’ll gain much more benefit over time from the additional Faith.

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Hunger is a much bigger deal than one would think heading into their Cult of the Lamb adventure. Villagers will need to eat pretty constantly, and there are situations that can arise that greatly affect the hunger of the cult as a whole. In order for players to keep their cultists fed, happy, and alive, they’ll likely want to invest in some of the following Doctrines. These particular commandments will help with food allocation and starvation.

Sustenance I

Ritual Fast Feasting Ritual Unlock a Ritual that forces Followers to not eat or be hungry for 3 days. Unlock a Ritual that refills the hunger of all Followers and adds +25 Faith.

Choice Advice: The Feasting Ritual can be great in a pinch, as it will add Faith to the flock and keep them fed but the Fasting Ritual is a much smarter option. If players find themselves lacking food, they can activate the Fast to essentially “freeze time” concerning the hunger meter, allowing them to embark on multiple Crusades to find food or sure up their Farm Plots.

Sustenance II

Cannibal Grass Eater +5 Faith whenever Followers consume a meal made from Follower meat. Cultists can consume Grass-based food without losing Faith.

Choice Advice: Although the Cannibal trait can add Faith when feeding cultists, players won’t necessarily have an abundance of Follower Meat lying around, especially as the cult grows and requires more food. Grass is found in each and every Crusade area, making it an insanely easy resource to farm. This is a very solid trait to unlock in the early game as it can keep a player’s Cult fed without much need for farming.

Sustenance III

Ritual of the Harvest Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty Unlock a Ritual to immediately force all seeds to grow into a harvestable state. Perform a Ritual that doubles the amount of fish caught and makes special fish appear more commonly.

Choice Advice: Once players create an automated farm, they won’t necessarily have much need for an instant crop, as Followers will start filling chests automatically with fruits, vegetables, and flowers. The Ritual of the Ocean’s Bounty can be a fantastic way to catch loads of fish to create better recipes, while simultaneously allowing players to catch rarer fish, some of which are required to complete the Fisherman’s quest.

Sustenance IV

Substances Encouraged Belief in Prohibitionism +20 Faith when a Brainwashing Ritual is performed. Increases Devotion generation and work speed by +10% after a Brainwashing Ritual but has a 50% chance of making Followers sick.

Choice Advice: Although the increased Devotion generation and work speed is tempting, a +10% boost is not enough to offset the massive 50% risk that Followers will become sick. Players should instead opt for the added Faith after a Brainwashing Ritual.


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