The cult inspiration of Prey avoids the worst mistake of Predator 2018

The Predator prequel film Prey was inspired by a scene from the original that suggests the reboot avoids the biggest mistakes of Shane Black’s 2018 sequel. Getting the franchise back to basics and avoiding escalation that could take sequels too far away from what made the originals so great. In many ways, this was the case with the “Predator”, which sought to promote the “Predators” in the name of aggravating the drama. It didn’t work out in the end, but Prey seems to be going back to its roots.
According to Trachtenberg, the Predator scene in which Billy confronts the Predator without a weapon was a huge source of inspiration for him, even if he remembered a phantom memory of the scene in which they fought at the top of a waterfall. The concept of the missing scene impressed the head of Prey, who clarified: “You know, I’ve always wanted to watch this movie. And that is also part of its origin.”
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The plot of Prey resembles the final act of the original Predator, where the last surviving Dutch (Arnold Schwarzenegger) must drop his firepower and resort to more primitive tactics to defeat the creature. But while Trachtenberg confirms that it was actually Predator Indian scout Billy (the late Sonny Landham) who was more key, the very idea of a stripped-down battle between an alien warrior and an obvious target without the benefit of a huge arsenal is the perfect way to avoid too many high—tech distractions. and senseless escalation.
How Prey Can Avoid Predator Problems (2018)
The “Predator” itself was rather modest about the origin of the hunter, but over the years various sequels and spin-offs, including the “Alien vs Predator” dilogy, have significantly expanded the knowledge underlying it. While some of these sequels were interesting, 2018’s Predator, which was the fourth release in the main Predator film series, was a big disappointment. This sequel shows the wounds of the big changes made during production, including the removal of the original third act, in which two “heroic” Predators teamed up with the heroes against a swarm of hybrid creatures. Predator tried too hard, adding different aliens for the sake of a bet when these films should just be hunter and prey locked in an intense battle.
The desire to return to the origins with a modest budget of Prey, which takes place in 1719, in which an Indian warrior named Naru (Amber Midtander) fights with one of the first Predators that came to Earth, is the perfect removal of unnecessary elements. Hopefully, given how much the Predator franchise has lost its way, Trachtenberg’s return to basics will remind viewers why they fell in love with the saga. Billy has always been one of the most intriguing Predator characters, as he always seemed to know a little more about this creature than he ever revealed. Although he won’t appear in Dan Trachtenberg’s “Loot,” the prequel may expand that concept a bit.