The Cruel King and the Great Hero arrives in the West in 2022


The Cruel King and the Great Hero, In a press release, NIS America announced that it will make The Cruel King and the Great Hero available for PlayStation 4 and Switch sometime in 2022, with an exact date to be announced later.

In addition to the release date, it was mentioned that the game will be available here with some special editions: Storybook Edition and Treasure Trove Bundle (for US$ 60 and US$ 105, respectively – or R$ 306 and R$ 535 with the current conversion rate and tax free), both bringing the game, a collector’s box, art book, soundtrack, a plush and, for the most expensive package, an extra dragon plush and an acrylic puzzle .

Check out a little of the game’s ambiance in the video that follows:

The game drew a lot of attention in 2020, when it was announced, for bringing a very cute artistic style and a story that seems to be quite touching. Many people liked what they saw, but until now, there was no forecast for the game to reach the West.

It is noteworthy that, in Japan, The Cruel King and the Great Hero has been available since June 24th.


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