The Crown (Netflix): Is The Series Really True To Life?


Netflix hit hard a few years ago now with the release of its new Royal Family-inspired series The Crown. Netflix released its new series The Crown a few years ago. The latter sheds light on the history of the British royal family which is very intriguing. But is the latter true to reality?

The Crown is without a doubt one of the most iconic series on the Netflix platform. Indeed, released several years ago now, it tells about daily life and all the scandals of the royal family. And obviously, some representations tend to annoy the main stakeholders.

Indeed, if you were wondering if the royal family was watching The Crown series. Well, yeah. A few weeks ago, Prince Charles gave a rant. In the columns of the Daily Mail, a relative of Prince Charles confided.

“This is commercial drama and entertainment, produced without considering the people really involved who see their lives hijacked and exploited.”


He continued about The Crown: ‘In this specific case it’s about bringing to the surface things that happened in very difficult times 25 or 30 years ago, without anyone caring about the feelings of one or the other. This is neither fair nor correct, especially when so many things depicted do not represent the truth. ‘

But is The Crown series true to life? This is the question everyone is asking. Joffrey Ricome, co-author of The Crown confides. “Overall, it tells the real story well, but to make it a series, the writers have taken a lot of liberties of varying degrees of severity.”

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