The Crown: Imelda Staunton Emerges As Queen Elizabeth II; Look!


The Crown: This Friday (30), Netflix released the first image of Imelda Staunton characterized as Queen Elizabeth II and, consequently, the first official photo of the 5th season of the series The Crown. The production, focused on the trajectory of contemporary British royalty, is expected to release new episodes in 2022 in streaming.

Moving into the third phase of Peter Morgan’s narrative, the audience will have to follow the events that have taken place since the 1990s with the crown of Great Britain, including the death of Princess Diana in 1997 and all the controversies related to this very delicate subject.

To portray periods of contemporary history masterfully, the Netflix series renews its cast every two seasons. Thus, it is worth remembering that Queen Elizabeth II was already lived by actresses Claire Foy and Olivia Colman at different stages of her life.

Now, assuming her old age, Imelda Staunton, aged 65, was characterized with the typical gray hair of the British monarch, in addition to a costume characteristic of this phase of the character.

The Crown: What to Expect from Season 5 of the Netflix Series?

In addition to Staunton, the cast of new episodes will feature Jonathan Pryce as Prince Philip, Lesley Manville as Princess Margaret, Dominic West as Prince Charles, Elizabeth Debicki as Princess Diana and Jonny Lee Miller as John Major.

Filming for the 5th season of The Crown began this month in the UK and should go through a few more months in their practical work. The public’s expectation is to know how certain facts will be addressed in the plot, especially those involving Princess Diana.

Although details about the plot are scarce so far, looking at the trajectory of the royal family, some speculation is being made. But what will actually happen in the narrative? Only with the debut of the series will this become clear.

So stay tuned for all the news related to The Crown!


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