The Crown: Emma Corrin hospitalized during filming!


In an interview with Glamor UK, Emma Corrin aka Lady Diana of The Crown confided that she had been hospitalized during the filming!

several years already, Emma Corrin plays the role of Lady Diana in the series The Crown. The latter is broadcast on Netflix. And has been a real hit since its release. But not all went well for the actress during the shoot.


In an interview with Glamor UK, Emma Corrin aka Lady Diana in The Crown gave some info. The young woman revealed to have had major health concerns. Indeed, to everyone’s surprise, she caught whooping cough.

Emma Corrin (The Crown) said, “I have asthma. And I was sick for a long time with a bad cough. In Spain, I must have filmed a scene in an icy swimming pool with the children playing William and Harry “.

The young woman also added: “It was the most difficult scene to shoot. Because I was trying to keep myself alive. By swimming in place. And do the same with Harry’s 5 year old interpreter. ”


The young woman also explained: “As we found out, he could not swim”. After this scene from The Crown, the beauty had to go to the hospital to get a checkup on her health.

The Crown actress then revealed, “The doctors gave me a test. To find out my oxygen level. They said to me ‘We cannot let you go because your oxygen levels are so low”.

The actress then explained, “So I was hospitalized.” Fortunately, the beauty has finally managed to recover from this bad period. But she worried the film crews.

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Before her role as Diana, it was actress Emma Corrin's job.

It must be said that no one really expected his condition to be serious enough. Now she is doing much better!


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