The Crown: Does Queen Elizabeth II appreciate the series?


Does Queen Elisabeth II watch The Crown, the series about her life? Don’t panic, we’ll tell you more straight away!

Is Queen Elisabeth II watching The Crown series, which is taking over her life?

The Crown is one of the favorite series for historical story lovers on Netflix. Yes, the series that follows the journey of Elizabeth II has won the hearts of fans of the British royal family, but not only!

In fact, Netflix is ​​currently broadcasting the fourth season of The Crown. The opportunity to meet our favorite sovereign, but also Princess Diana. Indeed, this new season is particularly focused on the arrival of the Princess of Hearts within the royal family. And frankly, Emma Corrin, who plays the role of Lady Di, did an exceptional job.

Obviously, looking at the new season of this “so British” series, we still ask ourselves an important question: is Elisabeth II following the series too?

At the same time, that would be pretty normal, wouldn’t it? Is that the one we’re talking about in The Crown?

Well guess what: we have the answer!

Come on, we don’t make the suspense last any longer, and we’ll tell you more straight away!


There are questions like that running through our heads. And inevitably, while devouring The Crown, one asks oneself: did Elizabeth II also see this episode? Is she watching the series?

Unfortunately, the answer may disappoint you.

Indeed, according to the last I heard, the Queen of England is not watching The Crown. And for good reason, historical series are just not her thing, she prefers documentaries!

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Yes, Elisabeth II is rather historical documentaries and detective series like Inspector Barbaby or The Bill. She is also very fond of Doctor Who. Too funny, right?

In short, we are a little disappointed but at the same time we can understand her: her life, she knows it better than the producers of the series!


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