The Crown: 8 photoshoots where Netflix was very fair!


Netflix was able to capture the story of the British Crown perfectly in the series The Crown. We tell you more.

The Netflix series traces the history of the British Crown in great detail in The Crown.

Season 4 of The Crown series is finally available on Netflix! In this new season, viewers finally see Princess Diana arrive.

And it didn’t take much for the show to get to the heart of the matter. Namely his relationship with Prince Charles!

So, from episode 6 of The Crown we come to the moment when Diana goes from a very discreet and shy girl to the People’s Princess! In fact, the series refers to a trip by the couple to Australia.

A trip that Diana and Prince Charles made in 1983. And the series perfectly reproduced the key moments of their trip!

It’s even disturbing to see how perfectly The Crown reproduces the couple’s story. Media Refinery 29 even compared archival photos to scenes from the show.


The first scene thus represents the Prince and Diana in Alice Springs. The couple stopped for a break. On the show, Diana says she doesn’t feel well.

In reality she was having a hard time getting Ayers Rock up in a dress. But the costumes and the pose of the couple are the same!

A period photo also shows a portrait of Diana, Charles and William. The couple had indeed just arrived in Alice Springs. And the paparazzi did not fail to immortalize their arrival.

In the series The Crown, we see a sequence where Prince Charles and Diana are driving in a walkabout. He realizes at this moment that the public adores the princess.

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In reality, Diana cried, admits a photographer present that day. The Prince will not notice it.

Another moment perfectly reproduced is that of a family picnic. The period photo and the scene of the film are identical, except for the detail!

Another scene we loved was the Diana and Charles dance scene. It was the couple’s first time dancing in public. The scene took place in 1983 at a charity gala.

The series did not fail to reproduce Diana’s first official release on her own. It was in Australia. And the public was there to come and meet the most famous princess in the world.

Another scene also shows the Princess waving to a crowd of 80,000 people. The princess wore a pink dress, the same as in the series.

Finally, a photo of the couple shows them as they get off their plane in Australia. The scene is similar, but the dress Diana was wearing is not quite the same.


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