The Creators Of This War of Mine Will Donate Their Profits To The Ukrainian Red Cross


This War of Mine: 11Bit Studio positions itself against the war and announces a campaign to help the victims of the Russian military operation. 11Bit Studios, the creators of This War of Mine, have published a message in support of Ukraine in the face of the war started by the Russian Federation. The study has also informed that it will donate all the profits obtained from the sale of its game to the Ukrainian Red Cross. After the attack organized by the Government of Vladimir Putin, the Russian troops are a few kilometers from the Ukrainian Parliament.

The studio statement

“Today, the Russian military forces have attacked the free country of Ukraine, our neighbors,” the study wrote. “As the Polish developer and creators of the globally acclaimed anti-war game This War of Mine, a [title] that directly deals with the suffering and miseries of civilians suffering from war, we would like to make the following statement.”

“We stand against Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Words would be empty if they were not accompanied by a significant act, and the moment is crucial”. According to the study, for the next seven days, all profits from the sale of This War of Mine, including DLC ​​on all platforms, will go to a special fund. “Within a week, this money will be donated to the Ukrainian Red Cross to help the victims of the war.”

The intention is that this message “resonates” to remember what wars really do: kill people, devastate lives and destroy their homes. “Let’s all do everything, players and developers, to help the victims of the war in Ukraine.”

Russia has attacked Ukraine after the diplomatic channel failed. The European Union, the United States and Great Britain have announced harsh sanctions against the Putin regime, which have not yet prevented the military operation. According to information from EL PAÍS, the Russian army is currently in Obolon, approximately nine kilometers from Parliament.

This War of Mine is available on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Nintendo Switch, and PC. On Steam it can be purchased with a 75% discount.