The creators of the “Yellow Jackets” reveal the main theory that almost came true on the show


One of the main theories of “Yellow Vests” fans would be true if the creators had not changed the answer in the scriptwriter’s room. The premiere of the popular Showtime series “Yellow Jackets” took place at the end of 2021 and received critical acclaim. Although it took several weeks for a wide audience to realize this, by the time the finale of “Yellow Vests” aired in January, the Internet was full of fan theories that speculated about numerous plot points, ranging from minor (for example, recording films in Jackie’s diary) to important. (who was the girl that the survivors ate at the premiere of the series?).

The Yellow Jackets are divided into two timelines, one of which follows the women’s soccer team after they crashed in the Canadian wilderness in the late 90s. When rescue no longer seems to be an option, the girls resort to survival mode, and clearly hint that chaos is coming and cannibalism and tribalism are taking place. Another timeline follows the survivors in the present day, namely Shona, Taissa, Natalie and Misty. Once separated, the four are forced back together when someone starts blackmailing them, claiming that they know the truth about what happened many years ago. One of the suspected blackmailers was Adam, a young man with whom Shauna had an affair. Adam’s mysterious nature led many to believe that he was an older version of one of the few surviving men, Javi.

In an interview with Variety, creators Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson (along with co-showrunner Jonathan Lisko) answered some burning audience questions about the first season of “Yellow Vests”. In an interview, they said that Adam was originally planned to be an older version of Javi, who would be obsessed with torturing other survivors for what happened in the desert. However, this was dealt with early on as they felt there was more tragedy in the way the story eventually played out. Check out the full interaction below:

Lisko: I can tell you something that they guessed we decided not to do, namely about Adam. Can I tell them? Or will we tell them?

Lyle: I think you just did that. [laughs]

Lisko:¬†Well, we were really of the opinion that Adam was essentially Javi coming back to sort of torment Shauna or torment the Yellow Jackets. We abandoned this idea quite early. It didn’t seem organically right to us. There was a feeling that we didn’t fulfill the promise of what we really wanted to dramatize with her affair and their marriage. We decided not to do it, but some people called it and, I think, really wanted it to happen. Then a scenario is created: “Well, did we disappoint these people or did we please them?”

Lyle: It was infinitely more tragic for us. The fact that Javi is coming back is kind of funny, but it seems a little twisted, which is not necessarily where we want to go.

As Lyle says, the story of Adam in the Yellow Vests is ultimately much more tragic. Shauna herself paranoically thinks that Adam is blackmailing her, forcing a once-infatuated woman to accidentally kill him. Then it turns out that Adam really was just a guy who fell in love with Shauna. Most of the finale of the first season of “Yellow Vests” centers around the main group getting rid of Adam’s body and feeling guilty for what they did. Adam being Javi would certainly be a turn for the ages, but as Lyle, Nickerson and Lisko point out, it would undermine some of the wildest revelations that conclude season 1.

From Taissa’s success in her senate race (and her wife’s discovery of a bloodied and ritual altar in their basement) to Natalie’s abduction by something that strongly hints at the cult of survivor Lottie Matthews, there will be a lot of problems in the second season of “Yellow Vests”. when he returns at the end of this year. Shona will probably still feel guilty about Adam’s death, and the fact that he wasn’t Javi definitely leaves the fate of the real Javi in the chronology of the 90s open. However, one thing is for sure: “Yellow Jackets” aroused enthusiasm among fans, unlike any other show for quite a long time, and if one fan theory was almost true, there are almost certainly a few who are right about the money.