The creators of Root Of Evil join the new podcast “Face to Face with Evil” [EXCLUSIVE TRAILER]


Screen Rant has the honor to announce an important new podcast series, Faceing Evil, which is scheduled to premiere on July 14. Tenderfoot TV and iHeartRadio media centers have teamed up for their first ever podcast in a talk show format with the help of Rashi presenters. Pecoraro (The Biggest loser) and Yvette Gentile.

The two sisters previously created their own podcast, “The Root of Evil: The True Story of the Hodel and Black Dahlia Family,” in which they traced their family lineage to the main suspect in the Black Dahlia case. The Root of Evil became a sensation that helped turn their mother Fauna Hodel’s memoir into I Am The Night, a 6-episode television miniseries on TNT starring Chris Pine. Now Pecoraro and Gentile will lend their voices and talents for a journey other than their own in “Face to Face with Evil.”

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Screen Rant can exclusively present an audio trailer for Facing Evil, which will premiere on the iHeartRadio app and wherever podcasts are available. The trailer begins with a reminder of various infamous cases where lives were taken too soon or otherwise destroyed, before the presenters tell how their mother once helped them find light in the darkness of their own family history. Pecoraro and Gentile plan to use what she has taught them to promote awareness and healing beyond the usual real-life crime story. Listen to the full Tenderfoot TV trailer below:

Listen to the trailer on Soundcloud.

Produced by Tenderfoot TV (creators of podcasts such as Atlanta Monster and Up and Vanished) and iHeartMedia, Facing Evil will be distributed by the iHeartPodcast network. With this new project and the format of a series of performances, Pecoraro and Gentile hope to continue to touch the lives of many listeners and help them not only recognize the danger in their lives, but also survive and overcome it. As much as they honor their mother’s legacy in their previous work, they will continue to do so in their new collaborative efforts.

Also check out the full cover below, proudly proclaiming the joint collaboration between Tenderfoot TV and iHeartRadio:

Potential listeners who want to learn more should tune in a week before the premiere, on July 7, and receive a special bonus called “Episode 0”, which will explain the origin story of the sisters and provide background information for those who are not familiar or want to refresh their memory. at the root of evil.

“Face to Face with Evil” consists of weekly episodes in which Sisters Rasha Pecoraro and Yvette Gentile delve into various cases and apply the healing lessons they have learned in their own quest to overcome the trauma of generations. They will shift the focus from who did it and how, to individual impact on victims and public impact in general, as well as prevention, survival and healing.