The Creators of “One of Us” Confirm The Fans’ Version of How The Outbreak Began


The co-authors of The Last Of Us, Craig Mazin and Neil Drakmann, confirmed the fan theory associated with the outbreak of cordyceps infection.

In the first episode of the HBO adaptation, viewers noticed that Joel (Pedro Pascal), Sarah (Nico Parker) and Tommy (Gabriel Luna) avoid eating foods containing flour.

As noted in a popular Reddit post, Sarah does not bake Joel pancakes for his birthday, does not take cookies baked in a neighbor’s house, the characters refuse to offer cookies, and Joel forgets to buy himself a birthday cake. the way back from work.

The theory that the outbreak spread through infected flour received further confirmation after the second episode, “Infected”. The episode begins with flashbacks set in Jakarta in 2003, where a mycology professor learns of an incident at a nearby flour mill when an infected woman began attacking her colleagues.

Although there was no direct connection in the series, Mazin and Drakmann confirmed this theory during an interview with Variety.

When asked if the theory of contaminated flour is correct, Mazin replied: “I think it’s pretty explicit.”

He added: “When she talks about where these people worked and what was happening at the factory — yes, it is absolutely clear what is happening. We liked the idea of this science, and we are trying our best to ensure that our research is interconnected.

“[The mycologist] asks where it happened, and the guy says it’s a flour mill in the western part of the city. We are absolutely saying that Jakarta has the largest flour mill in the world, so this is a great theory, and I think people should continue to use it.”

This is a slight change from the original game written and co-directed by Drakmann, where the Cordyceps infection spread through infected crops in South America.

The Last Of Us continues on HBO on Sunday in the US. The next episode will air on Monday at 2am on Sky Atlantic and is NOW in the UK.

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