The creators of Guacamelee will bring new game


Microsoft had already confirmed that we will have the / twitchgaming Showcase: ID @ Xbox next March 26, at 1:00 pm GMT, but today we found out that DrinkBox, developer of the Guacamelee series, will announce a brand new game over there!

The information came straight from the studio’s Twitter, which said it was “totally new, not a sequel. We are excited to tell you more about the game at the event!”

In addition to DrinkBox, Microsoft has also promised news from studios such as Curve Digital, Devolver and Dear Villagers, with more than 25 game trailers previously announced, such as STALKER 2 and Second Extinction, and many new revelations on the way to the Xbox Game Pass!

Are you looking forward to this event? What else would you like to see there? Comment below!


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