The creator of “Wolf Cub” tells how the film copes with the absence of Dylan O’Brien


The creator of the series “Wolf Cub” Jeff Davis tells how the upcoming film will cope with the absence of Styles Dylan O’Brien. In November 2021, which coincided with the fourth anniversary of the show’s finale, it was announced that the film “The Wolf Cub” was in the works. A synopsis of the film, due to appear on the Paramount+ streaming service later this year, teases that a new terrible evil has appeared in the city of Beacon Hills. Tyler Posey will return as Scott McCall to reunite with his friends and fight the most powerful enemy they have ever faced. A recent trailer for “The Wolf Cub” featured an exciting preview showing that Crystal Reed looks set to return as Allison Argent.

Posey and Reed are not the only ones who will play their roles in the popular MTV series. Tyler Hacklin, Holland Roden and Colton Haynes are among the first stars of the show to appear in the upcoming Paramount+ movie. However, one well—known Wolf Cub alumnus, Dylan O’Brien, is missing from this list. The actor, who received wide recognition thanks to the role of Stiles Stilinski, explained that it was a difficult decision to refuse to participate in the film “The Wolf Cub”. In the end, he said he was happy with where he left his character.

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In an interview with Collider at Comic-Con 2022 in San Diego, O’Brien’s absence was discussed. Davis, who will return to write the script for the film “The Wolf Cub,” said that Stiles’ presence will be felt, and noted that the beloved detective will not be left without attention. He promised that Stiles would get into more than one situation, especially regarding his relationship with Lydia (Rodin). The quote was transcribed below.

“Yes, what we do is that we don’t ignore it, but refer to it. And I think we can’t make a movie without paying tribute to Stiles’ character. Therefore, it appears in more than one situation. And in fact, Lydia has a big storyline that fans can look forward to, which is related to their relationship. So I won’t say anything more.”

While Davis is keeping the details to himself for now, it’s only fitting that Stiles’ absence will affect Lydia, given their history. But even more than that, it could affect Scott. Despite the fact that the supernatural drama has undergone significant changes over the course of six seasons, causing criticism from fans for some plot decisions, the relationship between Stiles and Scott remained a solid foundation on which viewers could rely. This is especially true in the later episodes of The Wolf Cub, as the fraternal best friends increasingly relied on each other.

It would be strange if Davis ignored all this. Fortunately, judging by his comments, Davis wants the film to celebrate Stiles’ contribution to the franchise, even if he personally won’t be there. And as the Cub’s universe expands with an offshoot of the Wolf Pack starring Sarah Michelle Gellar, perhaps O’Brien will one day reappear.


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